You Won’t Believe What The Yankees Banned Due To The Astros

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You Won’t Believe What The Yankees Banned Due To The Astros | Sports Takes & News |

For the first time since being found guilty of cheating, the Houston Astros visited New York’s Yankees Stadium last week, with one “fan,” Oscar the Grouch, not in attendance. That’s because, if you believe reports, the thin-skinned sign stealers have been complaining about how road fans have been treating the 2017 World Series winners, with Major League Baseball doing their best to protect them when they leave Texas. It would appear so far this year, the Houston Astros still are unable to accept their past or their punishment for what they did in stealing their only World Series victory four years ago.

The 2020 season was a 60-game sprint to the playoffs with teams playing a limited schedule because of the Covid-19 pandemic. A small byproduct of that was that the Houston Astros, fresh off being found guilty of sign stealing, didn’t need to travel the league and face the fans they stole the 2017 World Series from. 

This year, with MLB back to a full travel and game schedule, the “Houston Asterisks” were finally scheduled to visit the New York Yankees, the team the Astros defeated in the 2017 American League Championship Series on their way to their first World Series win in franchise history.

Over the first few weeks of the season, Houston, it has been reported, has been upset by how the fans in cites they visit have been allowed to treat them. These complaints became public last week when the New York Yankees were forced to take away inflatable trash cans and ban paying customers from wearing Oscar the Grouch costumes to protect the sensitive Astros players. 

It would seem, thanks to Rob Manfred and Major League Baseball’s new rules, rivalries are dead in the sport, and heckling opposing players with ammunition provided by the league is no longer allowed. While both the Astros organization and Major League Baseball have denied any complaints were submitted, it is clear that even with a limited number of fans in the stands, baseball doesn’t trust their own fans to keep things classy and clean, thus forcing the Yankees to censor their fans. 

For the record, I am NOT advocating fans cursd at any players on the field simply because almost everything can be heard by a television boom microphone, and having that kind of language going over the airwaves is unnecessary. What I am saying, however, is that heckling from a bench or from the bleachers is as much a part of baseball as bad calls being made by umpires; it is part of having a “home field advantage.”

Yes, New York fans are tough, especially on their own players; just asked Bobby Bonilla, who wore earplugs during Mets home games to block the booing fans.

Sports fans in general are tough as well, but so too are professional athletes, who need to know that heckling is a part of the game and know how to overcome it when they travel on the road. Since, if they can’t, they will be labeled as soft by not only fans, but other teams, who will have their players employ the same strategy.

I hope that during the 2022 baseball season the New York Yankees have a Sesame Street Night that falls during the Houston Astros series, with a garbage can housing Oscar the Grouch placed on the pitcher’s mound for our little green friend to toss out the first pitch. Don’t worry, someone from the visiting team will know what pitch Oscar is throwing in advance, or at least they think they will, because I hear Oscar and Big Bird are already planning on hitting one of those cheating Astros players in the ribcage for getting him banned this season. After that, who knows what will happen, because when you go after Oscar, everyone from Sesame Street dislikes you, and that can be one tough neighborhood. 

But seriously, to the Houston Astros players, shut up for the rest of year and take your medicine, because the more attention you bring to how bothered you are by heckling, the more you are going to get. And a spoiler alert for you, no matter which team(s) you play for during the rest of your careers, you will be booed, so expect it and get over it, fast, because you are the new villains of Major League Baseball, and you have no one to blame but yourself. 


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You Won’t Believe What The Yankees Banned Due To The Astros |

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