Yankees Gerrit Cole Stumbles With Cheating Question

Yankees Gerrit Cole

Yankees Gerrit Cole Stumbles With Cheating Question | Sports Takes & News | TooAthletic.com

For the second time under Brian Cashman, it appears the New York Yankees have given a long-term contract to a cheater. After first signing steroid slugger Jason Giambi before the 2002 season, it’s now pitcher Gerrit Cole who carries the mantle of a Pinstriped Player who is likely cheating. The first sign the $324 million contract Cole signed might have been given to a cheater came when the righty starter was asked a very simple question and could not find an answer, leaving most to believe it will be a matter of when, not if, he is exposed as a pitcher who uses foreign substances on the mound.

Based upon how Major League Baseball is seeking out those who use SpiderTack, one might think it’s the biggest threat in the game’s history. That’s because SpiderTack is a substance applied by pitchers to their hands, and then the baseball, to help enhance their grip while on the mound. This extra grip on the baseball allows pitchers to obtain a faster spin rate on pitches, which creates more movement, more strikeouts and less contact by hitters. 

When asked this week if he had every used SpiderTack, the former Pirates and Astros pitcher said, “I don’t quite know how to answer that, to be honest.”

Cole, who’s in the second year of his nine-year, $324 Million deal with the Yankees knew he needed to say something more but made his answer worse by babbling on by saying:

“I mean, there are customs and practices that have been passed down from older players to younger players, from the last generation of players to this generation of players. And, you know, I think there are some things that are certainly out of bounds in that regard. And I’ve stood pretty firm in terms of that, in terms of the communication between our peers and what not. And again, like I’ve mentioned earlier, this is important to a lot of people that love the game, including the players in this room, including fans, including teams. If MLB wants to, you know, legislate some more stuff, that’s a conversation that we can have. Because, ultimately, we should all be pulling in the same direction on this.”

Translation: I have been cheating because others were cheating and they taught me how to cheat as well!

Here is the problem Gerrit Cole and the New York Yankees are now facing: It is likely an ace pitcher that will need to dial down the use of whatever foreign substances he has been using in recent years since Major League Baseball feels like their use is going too far nowadays. As a result, pitchers like Cole and the Dodgers’ Trevor Bauer, who has admitted to searching for ways to help enhance his grip, are likely to become human and normal again. This, as you might image, will likely make Gerrit Cole look like less of an ace and have the New York Yankees regretting his $36 Million per season contract until it expires in 2028 when Cole will be 37 years old.

Yes, we know the Baseball Hall of Fame has cheating pitchers already inducted. Now, in 2021, however, the way pitchers are dominating hitters on a regular basis has left those in charge of the game with no choice but to try to eliminate SpiderTack and similar substances. With regular and frequent checks of pitcher’s gloves and uniforms, at least in the foreseeable future, those who are bending the rules on the rubber will be taken down by Major League Baseball, but what happens in 2022 and beyond remains to be seen.

I can promise you this: if Rob Manfred, the commissioner who gave us juiced baseballs before this season, sees offense increase over the second half of the season, then the crackdown on cheating pitchers will continue indefinitely. If, however, we find out that hitters just can’t wise up and go against defensive shifts, then the game will look stupid for both allowing all this cheating, acting as if it mattered just to find out it is the bad hitters and not cheating pitchers that are killing athleticism and offense in the game. Something Manfred and MLB will dread more than actually finding out that everyone who toes the rubber is cheating, since they won’t be able to do anything about the game if that turns out to be what is truly wrong with it. 


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Yankees Gerrit Cole Stumbles With Cheating Question | TooAthletic.com

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