Wyatt Davis defends Justin Fields from laughable pre-draft narratives

Wyatt Davis had Justin Fields’ back at Ohio State and he’s got his back as the two prepare for the NFL Draft.

These ridiculous pre-draft narratives surrounding quarterback Justin Fields have gotten so out of hand and his former Ohio State football teammate Wyatt Davis knows this better than most.

Davis, a top interior offensive line prospect in the draft, has heard the chatter about Fields being a last-guy-in, first-guy-out type of person and the notion he can’t process his progressions beyond his first read. It’s all nonsense and Davis just laughs it off.

“Honestly, I think the certain narrative that you’re talking about that’s getting pushed out, I just kinda sit there and laugh at it,” said Davis to NFL Network’s Andrew Siciliano. “I know the type of guy he is and the type of guy he is in the film room. I mean, this is a guy who is the last one to leave the facility and the last one to leave the film room and is doing everything in his power come game day to make sure there are no mistakes.”

“As far as him loving football. … He was the main one pushing the Big Ten to have a season. So, I just kinda sit there and laugh at that narrative. I know the type of player he is and I have to believe these organizations know the type of player he is. And if they slip up on him I think it’s going to be a mistake that they’ll regret.”

Don’t believe the pre-draft narratives surrounding Justin Fields

Fields’ leadership was so important last year. If he didn’t fight for Big Ten football having a season, then there would have been no Big Ten football. Fields was a Heisman Trophy finalist during his sophomore season at Ohio State. While he didn’t get the invitation during his junior campaign, Fields was the biggest reason Ohio State played for a national championship a season ago.

From a talent standpoint, Fields can become a superstar quarterback in the NFL. However, his talent is not great enough to overcome going to a bad organization. Fields projects as a top-five pick and could end up on any number of teams including the San Francisco 49ers, the Atlanta Falcons, the Denver Broncos or the New England Patriots. He is so incredibly marketable as well.

If you are buying into these faulty Fields pre-draft narratives, you are doing so at your own peril.

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