WWE stars react to Johnny Gargano’s farewell speech on NXT

Johnny Gargano finally said goodbye to NXT, and potentially the WWE, as his friends and colleagues offer their support

It has been an emotional 72 hours for Johnny Gargano and his fans. With reports circulating about his WWE contract being finished, fan speculation was at an all-time high as Johnny Wrestling entered WarGames for the first time Sunday night — the only thing he had not done in NXT up to that point and likely the last in-ring thing he will do for the brand.

After the match, amidst “please don’t go” chants from Full Sail, Gargano revealed that he would let everything out on Tuesday’s episode of NXT 2.0.

Gargano main-evented an episode of NXT one more time as he walked to the ring, grabbed the microphone and said what was clearly his goodbyes to his peers in the back, to the wrestlers around him, and especially to the fans.

The broadcast may have ended on a beatdown at the hands of Grayson Waller, but it was after the cameras cut and the lights came up that Gargano really let his emotions loose.

Johnny Gargano says farewell to NXT: WWE Superstars share their support for Johnny Wrestling

Johnny Gargano has been a staple of NXT for over half a decade and has only positively affected the people around him. Many WWE superstars took the time on Twitter to tweet out their respect and their love for Gargano.

Gargano’s impact on the NXT and WWE as a whole can not be understated, and the number of wrestlers who reached out to support him should speak to that entirely.

Wherever Gargano goes next, be it WWE‘s main roster or AEW, or even a return to the indies, he is likely to continue elevating himself, those around him, and wrestling as a whole.

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