Will Trevor Lawrence Fall In This Year’s NFL Draft?

Will Trevor Lawrence Fall In This Year’s NFL Draft? | Sports Takes & News | TooAthletic.com

There is a name that is rising in the rankings of NFL quarterbacks in this year’s draft class, and with any ranking, if someone is going up, another person is falling. It appears that in the mind of one former Super Bowl winning signal caller that one quarterback could rise into the top spot on many teams’ draft boards while another falls to make room. 

Once you reach the top of any mountain, there’s only one place to go, down. For Clemson quarterback, Trevor Lawrence, his presumptive spot as the first overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft has for months been considered a lock. This, of course means that if he is not taken first overall by the Jacksonville Jaguars, he will have “fallen” in the draft.

For several months quarterback, Zach Wilson from BYU, has been closing in on Lawrence spot in the minds of many football experts, with many of them ranking Wilson as the second best QB in this year’s class. Speaking with CBS Sports HQ in advance of this Sunday’s Super Bowl, Joe Theismann offered his comparison and observations on Wilson and Lawrence, with some people reading that he would take the BYU quarterback over the Clemson standout. Theismann said:

“I just love the way (Zach Wilson) throws the football.  It is hard to teach. We have seen people learn to perfect it a little bit.  He has all the skills; he has a live arm, he has a strong arm, he can put touch on it, he can gun it. He is 6’3″, he is not a small guy.  He moves around with great athleticism.  I think, to me, watching him play quarterback, he looks really ready.”

“Trevor Lawrence is certainly a big kid who can run well, surrounded by terrific talent at Clemson. It is a little bit like Mac Jones at Alabama. They are surrounded by terrific talent and sometimes you look at that talent and say, ‘did that help the position a lot.’ I think in the case of Trevor, being a young guy and as strong and physical as he is, he will have a great opportunity to learn.”

Theismann added, “Honestly, yes. [It’s] really close. We are sort of splitting hairs here a little bit, but I would [take Zach Wilson over Trevor Lawrence] … Zach checks all of the boxes for me. Personally, my choice. My guy.”

Predictably Theismann makes a great point. How much of the greatness of Trevor Lawrence or Mac Jones is them, and how much is from the talent they are playing with on their teams? People are going crazy over the Matthew Stafford/Jared Goff trade saying that the former Lions QB will win with the Rams since he is talented enough to join the players LA already has. No one, however, seems to blame Stafford for not taking average teams in Detroit and making winners out of them, which to some, is the true mark of greatness.

There is, however, a feeling that Tom Brady performed miracles in New England with little talent at the skill positions. Yet, I and many others point to the New York Giants defense when giving the Giants team credit for their two most recent Super Bowls wins, discounting what Eli Manning did with little to no Hall of Fame talent on offense. The point here is that it can be difficult to tell in a team game such as football how much any one player’s talents lift the team, and how much players learn to work well together … and to try and project that chemistry from one level to the next is what makes the NFL Draft such a crap shoot.

It would be a really hard sell for Urban Meyer to have anyone other than Trevor Lawrence be the first player he selects as the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars; but in the NFL Draft, stranger things have happened. Of course, this is a story that will ebb and flow until draft day comes, with stories about everyone from Lawrence, Wilson, and many other rising and falling on draft boards from coast to coast. As a Jets fan who knows, at least for now, my team has the second pick in the draft, and I’m assuming that Lawrence will be off the board when they pick. So if Joe Theismann tells me I am getting a quarterback just as good, then if I was advising my favorite football team, I would tell them to keep quiet, take Zach Wilson, and do what you will with Sam Darnold, period. 


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Will Trevor Lawrence Fall In This Year’s NFL Draft? | TooAthletic.com

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