Will Amazon Cancel The Broadcast Booth For NFL Games?

Will Amazon Cancel The Broadcast Booth For NFL Games? | Sports Takes & News | TooAthletic.com

We still have a while before Amazon takes over as the only place to watch Thursday Night NFL Games. That doesn’t mean, however, that they are not taking notes on how to present “your game, your way” to football fans. According to one report, Amazon is considering eliminating the voices of all announcers to let fans streaming their games enjoy it more as if they were there and not just watching it. So, do you think Amazon will cancel the broadcasting booth, and should they?

The era of multiple broadcast options has already been tried by both Amazon and ESPN. The four-lettered network has often used their control of the College Football Playoffs to allow fans of one school or another watch the game while hearing their “hometown” announcers. While this idea may be used by Amazon when they take over the Thursday Night Football package, the newest member of the NFL broadcasting roster also has another idea for how to make their games more appealing for fans: Don’t have broadcasters in the booth. An idea they have already offered soccer fans while streaming English Premiere League games and received positive feedback.

As someone who feels most broadcasters get in the way of the action rather than let what is taking place on the field speak for itself, I would welcome the option of being able to hear the team’s radio broadcasters during a football game. Likewise, I would love to be able to enjoy a big game without the endless hype that many broadcasters insist on flooding the game with just to prove how “on top” of the moment they are and justify their presence and need to talk so much.

This, to me is Amazon looking at the status quo and understanding that not every fan needs to hear broadcasters in between every snap of a football game. Nor do many fans enjoy having national broadcasters parachute into their city, spend an hour with their head coach, and act as if they are experts on the team playing.

The only concern I have under this format is how will Amazon deal with something that happens during the game that would require getting information to the fans that a sideline reporter would normally deliver. I am sure this is an easy fix with a scroll across the bottom of the screen in between plays or a live-action message box that will provide more than betting information or real-time stats for the fantasy players watching on their devices. Otherwise, this idea makes sense, and by all indications would be an alternative idea that Amazon would offer viewers, not the primary way they will broadcast games.

For those of you who enjoy having announcers smother games, Amazon is expected to hire a play-by-play announcer and at least one color commentator for their NFL games, so don’t worry if that’s the only way you know how to watch football.

As for me, the less voices I hear the better since I think most football fans want to see and watch the players perform and world-class athletes do their thing, and don’t need broadcasters to try and make sound bites with their cute phrases. Bravo Amazon, hopefully the locked broadcast booth will catch on and they will allow fans to watch NFL games for free, just the way they should be. 


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Will Amazon Cancel The Broadcast Booth For NFL Games? | TooAthletic.com

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