Why eBay is the best place to shop for luxury watches

Luxury watch buyers often want to buy the best, and they are specific about where they buy and what they buy. Watch collectors often place the original packaging and the condition of the watch as one of the highest factors influencing their purchase decision. Of course, the rarity, historical relevance, and the brand also matter. Similarly for those who buy watches for their personal use, the cost and the information of the product is also very important. They also consult their family or peers while also being keen on buying pre-owned watches. Hence, a reliable platform for buying and selling luxury watches and other luxury items is very much necessary in terms of reach and inventory selection.

Ebay luxury Watches

eBay comes out on top as the best place to buy a luxury watch owing to many crucial factors. It is, after all, one of the largest marketplaces for luxury watches in the world. With being an estimated $5 billion industry, the watch category in eBay is the largest and the most sought after. Hence, if you are a collector or a first-time watch buyer, eBay is your first destination. In-fact with more than 150,000 daily listings for luxury watches on eBay, it is no doubt that one watch is sold every 5 seconds on this platform.

Ebay luxury Watches

However, apart from the vast inventory, eBay also offers an Authenticity Guarantee. This service is for free, for most watches costing $2,000 and above. So after buying a watch, it will be shipped to eBay’s partner third-party authenticator. The authenticator will then perform a multi-point inspection on the item, re-package it in new, premium eBay packaging, and send it to the buyer via insured and expedited shipping. The buyer will also receive an authenticity report card that verifies the product. This certainly is crucial for preserving the future resale value too!

Ebay luxury Watches

eBay is the home for one of the largest assortments of new as well as used watches. Hence, you can find all of the big brand names in the watch-making world like Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Patek Philippe, Breitling, and more. Currently, Rolex is seen as one of the most sought-after pieces, while buyers are also experimenting with more styles along with vintage design making a comeback in the buyer’s wish list.

Ebay luxury Watches

So with over 1.4 billion listings and more than 180 million active buyers worldwide, eBay is the best place to shop for that luxury watch that you always desired to own!

Source: Upscale Living Magazine

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