Who Will Win Super Bowl LV?

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What started as a marathon in September and turned into a sprint in January, has reached the final stage as the NFL is ready to crown their Super Bowl champion this Sunday. You know the teams, and the quarterbacks are household names; the only thing that remains to be seen is how the rosters and coaches from Kansas City and Tampa Bay will perform on sport’s biggest stage. In other words what will happen, and who will win Super Bowl LV?

The reigning Super Bowl Champions from Kansas City return to the big game this weekend to face Tampa Bay, the first team to play for a title in their own home stadium. KC will arrive at the stadium as the same three-point favorite they have been for most of the last two weeks as Tampa Bay is poised to use what they learned during their 27-24 defeat on November 29th. That game, played in Tampa Bay, saw Kansas City jump out to a 17-0 lead in the first quarter, but win despite not scoring for the game’s last 22:00 minutes as the Buccaneers fought back, yet ran out of time.

Tampa Bay’s defense was a big reason why they were able to storm though the NFC Playoffs, as they provided short fields for their offense to work with, and score, while offering opponents few opportunities for big plays and quick points of their own. By keeping the ball outside of their half of the field, Tampa Bay was almost always in control of the clock, field position, and the scoreboard. All that while the offense has improved almost weekly by being able to put together long drives, and capitalize on turnovers in order to win three road playoff games to reach this point.

Kansas City, for better or worse, has been on cruise control for the entire 2020 season. Seemingly always having more talent on the field than their opponent, head coach Andy Reid has been able to always draw up plays on the fly as defenses have been unable to stop his offensive weapons with quarterback Patrick Mahomes on the field.

Last year’s Super Bowl MVP seems to have the ball on string, allowing him to do almost anything in the passing game. The combination of talent and execution on the field has allowed Kansas City to start and stop the engine of their offense in winning 25 of their last 27 games, with one loss coming in a game in which their starters rested.

The Buccaneers may look to take advantage of a weakened KC offensive line after left tackle Eric Fisher suffered an Achilles injury two weeks ago, and is out for this game. They will be able to exploit this by being able to apply the same pressure on Patrick Mahomes as they did against Aaron Rodgers to win the NFC title, when they were able to pressure Rodgers with only five rushers. This tactic allowed the defense to play in short bursts, get the ball out of the QB’s hands quickly, and prevent big plays, thus leading to victory.

In order to repeat, Kansas City will need to keep the pressure on Tampa Bay with their offense. While almost always looking for the big play down field, Reid and Mahomes will need to stay patient for most of this game and play chess, allowing one play call to set up another during the same drive or on a later possession. Reid can get too excited about his ability to score quickly; however, Mahomes knows when to play for points and when to play for first downs. It is that balance that allowed KC to overcome Reid’s sometimes questionable play calling, and win last year’s Super Bowl.

Each of these teams have the ability to make big plays on both offense and defense, something that could allow both teams to stay in the game or get back into the game if they fall behind. Assuming that one team doesn’t face a huge amount of bad luck, this game should hold close to the three-point spread, giving fans a reason to watch every play and commercial from start to finish. 

It has becoming increasingly more difficult to bet against Tom Brady this postseason as his comfort level has grown with his teammates and his defense has become a menace to deal with. With that said, I have felt all year that Kansas City has played at a fraction of their potential this season, and now that the Super Bowl is here, there’s no longer a need to pace themselves or hold back. That means the entire playbook will be on display this Sunday, which also means I expect the Buccaneers to be surprised and overwhelmed in this game at certain points.

With a mid-fourth quarter TD to seal the win, I see a final score of Kansas City 31, Tampa Bay 21 in Super Bowl LV in what should be a well-played game with each team having a chance to win this game. KC is just a little better and more talented, allowing them to go back-to-back and maybe, just maybe, moving Patrick Mahomes into the chase to replace Tom Brady as the GOAT. 


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