Who owns the Chicago Bears?

Aaron Rodgers made headlines by letting Bears fans know ‘I own you’ earlier in the season but who is the actual owner of the Chicago Bears?

When Aaron Rodgers screamed “I own you” into the camera after scoring a touchdown on the road against the rival Chicago Bears, it created a firestorm that is still going weeks later within the rivalry.

So when the Bears and Green Bay Packers played in primetime at Lambeau Field, you knew it was going to come up. Whether it was on the broadcast or with fans in the stands, the comment was indeed brought up on a number of occasions.

However, it does have fans asking who actually owns the Bears franchise.

Chicago Bears owner: Does Aaron Rodgers own the Bears?

In a figurative sense, considering that Rodgers is now 22-5 in the regular season against Chicago, you could say he does own the Bears. But in a literal sense, he does not.

Instead, the Chicago Bears owner is Virginia Halas McCaskey.

McCaskey is the eldest child of George Halas, who was a legendary head coach and owner for the franchise and left it to his daughter in 1983 when he passed away. She is also the oldest team owner in the NFL at 98 years old and will turn 99 in January 2022.

She holds an 80 percent ownership stake in the organization given her power to speak for her family as the matriarch.

Source: FanSided

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