Which Team Will Julio Jones Be Traded To?

Julio Jones Traded

Which Team Will Julio Jones Be Traded To? | Sports Takes & News | TooAthletic.com

As the important date of June 1st arrives for the NFL, those who are looking to make some offseason headlines are lining up to discuss one player. That player, wide receiver Julio Jones, appears poised to be traded by the Atlanta Falcons once it is more salary cap friendly to trade his huge contract. From coast to coast and conference to conference, suitors are lining up and bidding on Jones, and with most people in agreement that the Falcons need to dump his salary, the question is simple: Which team will Julio Jones be traded to?

The list of contenders for the services of Julio Jones was fluid this weekend, with the Los Angeles Rams reported as both in and out of the bidding war for the wide receiver. The NFC West favorite lacks the one thing the Falcons are looking for in any trade for Jones, first-round draft picks. Which is something the Rams don’t have until 2024 after trading for Matthew Stafford.

Other teams named as those interested in talking to the Falcons included Baltimore, New England, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle and Tennessee. With front offices looking to slow play this trade market, where Julio Jones goes may depend on which team blinks first by blowing Atlanta out of the water.

Behind the scenes, Julio Jones is reportedly interested in playing with Cam Newton on the New England Patriots. Perhaps unable to watch the NFL Draft, Jones may not be aware that Newton’s replacement, another former Alabama Crimson Tide player, quarterback Mac Jones, was taken by Bill Belichick just weeks ago, leaving Newton in a battle for the starting job in training camp.

Two more AFC teams in the running for Jones are Baltimore and Tennessee, who both lack outside deep threats in their offense. The Ravens, for one, have often lacked a true number one wide out since they refuse to pay the market price for one. This, while the Titans’ best offensive weapon, running back Derrick Henry, needs help from the passing game to help take a defensive player or two out of the box.

How close Philadelphia believes they are to being a contender in the NFC East might dictate how much the Eagles are willing to pay to pair up their two former Crimson Tide stars, Jones and Jalen Hurts. The trade would offer hurts a quality weapon on the outside to throw to and might earn the Eagles’ offense a little respect across the league.

In San Francisco, the 49ers might be looking to add another weapon to whichever quarterback they start and end the 2021 season with as Jimmy Garoppolo may yield the job to Trey Lance during the year. The move would be a double bonus for the ‘Niners since if they land him, they would also be able to keep him away from their NFC West rivals in Seattle, which is where Russell Wilson is hoping to pair D.K, Metcalf and Julio Jones for a solid 1-2 offensive punch.

For me, the team that becomes the most dangerous if they add Julio Jones, is Seattle. For one, they would make their quarterback Russell Wilson happy again, and secondly, provide another weapon for an offense everyone wants Wilson to “cook” with. Jones might think he wants to play with Cam Newton, but with the aging QB likely not the future of the Patriots, the AFC East might not be as much of a step up as it once was. While New England is projected to be over .500 in 2021, they are not likely to be Super Bowl contenders in the deep AFC over the next year or two, meaning Jones’ career would only fade away on the Patriots.

If you asked me which other AFC team should trade fro Julio Jones, I would pick Baltimore over Tennessee, but not by much. I don’t believe in either Lamar Jackson or Ryan Tannehill at quarterback, but the Ravens offense needs an outside threat to help Jackson’s limited abilities in the passing game. While Jones may not be a true #1 receiver long-term, having his reputation outside the numbers might be enough to help Jackson learn how to get him the ball for when the next quality receive is signed or drafted by Baltimore.

As for the Eagles, if the price is right, which in their case would be something less than a first-round draft pick, a trade might help them win their division, but won’t put them anywhere near the top of the NFC Playoffs bracket or in the list of Super Bowl contenders during Jones’ stay in Philadelphia.

If the Rams are truly out, the Seahawks should be the team to go get Julio Jones as a sold #2 wide receiver, and in the process, make them the new favorites to win the NFC West and make some noise in the 2021 NFL Playoffs. 


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Which Team Will Julio Jones Be Traded To? | TooAthletic.com

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