Which NFL Team Will Be The Worst In 2021?

Which NFL Team Will Be The Worst In 2021? | Sports Takes & News | TooAthletic.com

In the first year NFL teams will play 17 regular season games, figuring out who will win the most games has become one of the ways fans have filled their time before training camps open this summer. However, there’s an equally important prediction that those around the league have also made: Which team will pick first in the 2022 NFL Draft? With the bookmakers setting the odds, here are the teams in the running for the top pick come next spring.

FanDuel has posted odds for which NFL team will “earn” the first overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft this season. The top, or in this case bottom ten teams in the league all head into the late spring and summer with more questions than answers, with each NFL franchise knowing 2021 will likely not be a season that ends with a playoff berth.

With all the turmoil surrounding their quarterback, the Houston Texans at 5/2 are the favorites to earn the first overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. This comes as word of Deshawn Watson being unable to settle a group of lawsuits against him, thus leaving his status for the upcoming season unknown. The league continues to investigate what happened between him and dozens of massage therapists as Watson could face a suspension under the personal conduct policy even while other teams are interested in trading for him.

Placeholder quarterback Jared Goff is not favored to do much with his new team after the LA Rams traded him this offseason. That’s why the Detroit Lions are the second favorite to be the NFL’s worst team this year with odds of 7/2. The NFL franchise who is the NFC’s face of futility is once again rebuilding a roster and coaching staff in 2021, and with every other team in their division expected to compete for a playoff spot, wins will be hard to come by for the Lions this year. Honestly, this is just further reason why Detroit should be stripped of its Thanksgiving Day home game ASAP.

Rounding out the top five “favorites” to have the top spot in the draft next spring are the three teams who have taken a quarterback first or second in the last two drafts. Third, at 17/2 odds, are the New York Jets, who are as likely to win the AFC East as the Lions the NFC North, providing plenty of time for new quarterback Zach Wilson to take his rookie season lumps as the team figures out who they need to build around the BYU quarterback. 

Fourth, at 10/1 are the Cincinnati Bengals, who will see the return of Joe Burrow from injury this year after a promising 2020 season. It will be the Bengals defense that will likely hold the team back again this season after the former LSU Heisman Trophy winner proved he could play and win with substandard talent last season.

Fifth, at 12/1 are the Jacksonville Jaguars, who will have this year’s top pick Trevor Lawrence behind center with the hopes the former Clemson star can keep the team from earning this year’s top pick. The team also has a new tight end you might have heard of, but if that player, named Tim Tebow, is needed to help the Jags win games, you might very well see the Jags pick first in 2022.

The NFC “least” takes up two of the next five spots within the top ten, led by the Philadelphia Eagles at 13/1 and the New York Giants in tenth at 24/1. With everyone picking the Dallas Cowboys to win the NFC East, these two franchises need to prove that 2020 was a fluke and that the worst division in football isn’t as bad as people saw last year. It’s probably a good bet that at least one of these teams will not make the playoffs and have a top fifteen pick, seeing both of them would be a disappointment for those in Philadelphia since they won’t be able to blame Carson Wentz after trading their quarterback to the Colts in favor of Jalen Hurts.

As for Big Blue, the jury is still out on how good Dave Gettleman is as the Giants general manager, with this season likely being a make-or-break year for the cranky old man who is charge of putting together the team’s roster.

Another division that holds two of the other three spots, with the Las Vegas Raiders right behind the Eagles at 13/1, and the Denver Broncos just ahead of the New York Giants at 22/1. Sandwiched in the middle of those AFC West teams are the Carolina Panthers at 18/1, who took the Jets castoff quarterback Sam Darnold in a trade. This means that the “clash” between the Jets and Panthers could very well determine the first pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

As for the Raiders, as fans are already trying to buy up tickets to see their favorite teams take on the Silver and Black in the desert this year, questions surround the team as they prepare for the upcoming season. For me, the biggest question mark is over the head of the head coach, Jon Gruden, who needs to prove the NFL has not passed him by, and he can still coach. Both Las Vegas and the Denver Broncos have been linked to the Packers in a trade for quarterback Aaron Rodgers, a trade that if it takes place, would elevate either team into playoff contention. It might take a Hall of Fame QB like Rodgers to keep Gruden from getting fired, because being in the AFC West has not been easy for the former Monday Night Football commentator. Now, with David Carr and Teddy Bridgewater leading the Raiders and Broncos respectively, finding wins for both these teams won’t be easy.

While both the Texans and Lions are the safe bets for good reasons, not believing in Dave Gettleman would inspire me to pick the New York Giants as at least one team that I would bet on to earn the top pick in next year’s NFL Draft. Dave Gettleman has come up small during his tenure, and until proven otherwise, there’s no reason to look for any better outcomes this season when compared to seasons past. I also have my doubts about the Raiders because I don’t have much faith in Gruden or general manager Mike Mayock, who, by most accounts, had a shaky 2021 Draft at best, meaning their AFC West schedule will be tougher this year than it was last year.

Therefore, the Giants and Raiders are my two bets to be the worst in 2021, and have the first overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. 


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Which NFL Team Will Be The Worst In 2021? | TooAthletic.com

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