Which New NFL Head Coach Will Have The Best 2021 Season?

Which New NFL Head Coach Will Have The Best 2021 Season? | Sports Takes & News | TooAthletic.com

There will be seven new head coaches in the NFL this season, and with each team, there will be different levels of expectation in year one. Of course, when I say expectations, I mean one thing, wins on the field. So, who do you think will have the best 2021 season among all the new NFL head coaches; and who, sadly, will have fans wondering if their franchise made the right choice this past offseason?

It took four AFC teams and three NFC teams less than a month to fire and hire head coaches this past January. Now, just over three months into their tenures and with their first NFL Draft in the books, the conversation turns to what these coaches can do on the field with the players they will be given for the 2021 season. 

In the NFC, Atlanta, Detroit, and Philadelphia pulled the trigger on their previous coaches, hiring Arthur Smith, Dan Campbell and Nick Sirianni respectively. According to the CBS Sports, the Falcons and Eagles with an over/under win total of 7, would be the favorites to win the most games in 2021. Behind them are the Lions with 5 wins expected this season, the lowest among all NFL teams as of the first week in May.

Sporting News gave Sirianni the highest marks as a new hire among these three new head coaches, especially since he hired strong assistants to work alongside him. The newfound belief in the Eagles was bolstered by what many considered to be a solid draft, especially in the early rounds when they traded up to get wide receiver DeVonta Smith and later on took offensive lineman Landon Dickerson, both from Alabama. It is also easy to project in the weak NFC East, that the Eagles can surpass their O/U total, giving fans hopes that at least for one season their team can be in the playoff hunt.

In the AFC, Houston, Jacksonville, the LA Chargers, and NY Jets also make head coaching moves by hiring David Culley, Urban Meyer, Brandon Staley and Robert Saleh respectively. On the betting board, Houston is tied with the Lions with an over/under of just 5 wins for the upcoming 17-game 2021 schedule. Just ahead of them are both the Jaguars and Jets at 6 wins, with the Chargers posted at 9, the biggest O/U wins total of any team with a new head coach this year.

Meyer grabbed all the headlines among the new NFL head coaches as the biggest name and the only one hired this offseason who had never coached in the NFL before. The three-time national championship winner used his intimate knowledge of the college game to draft players he knew better than most NFL scouts since the league was unable to hold its Combine this year due to the pandemic.

The Jets, believe it or not, earned some of the highest marks among NFL insiders for their hiring of Saleh, a member of the 49ers defensive staff until his hiring by Gang Green.

Brandon Staley, rightfully so, is the only coach expected to break the .500 mark this season. He takes over a team with a young talented quarterback in Justin Herbert and will bring his defensive expertise to the Chargers to compliment his offensive firepower. Staley, of course, was hired to stop one team, the Kansas City Chiefs, who with Patrick Mahomes at quarterback, hopes to continue to dominate the AFC West and play in more Super Bowls.

While I don’t think even a Hall of Fame head coach will be able to help Houston or Detroit this season, my mystery team this season will be Jacksonville. I haven’t been sold on Urban Meyer making the leap from college to the broadcast studio to the NFL sidelines, but he was smart enough to avoid the Dallas Cowboys last year, so I give him credit for that. 

I’m not sure if Meyer is capable of following in the footsteps of Pete Carroll, who left USC knowing the program was going to be slammed by the Reggie Bush investigation, and took over as coach of the Seattle Seahawks, eventually leading them to a Super Bowl title. He’s already demonstrated his “I’m the man” mentality by making a bad coaching hire early in his tenure, and that attitude won’t fly in today’s NFL when players are fighting back against offseason workout programs.

As much as I hate to say it, the New York Jets, at least for the 2021 season, will probably see the best improvement among these seven teams. Partially because the bar was lowered so far by Adam Gase, and because the team needed some new blood and energy, something Robert Saleh brings plenty of to the franchise. While the Chargers will probably win the most games among these seven teams, hopes, once again will rise for New York’s second football team during this season and into next year … that is, of course, assuming Zach Wilson is the quarterback many believe he is and the New York Jets hope he can be in 2021 and beyond. 


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Which New NFL Head Coach Will Have The Best 2021 Season? | TooAthletic.com

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