What’s Your Favorite NFL Team Over/Under For Wins In 2021?

What’s Your Favorite NFL Team Over/Under For Wins In 2021? | Sports Takes & News | TooAthletic.com

We are less than a week from the NFL Draft, but it’s not too early for oddsmakers to start taking bets for how many wins (or losses) every team will have during the 2021 season. With a 17th game now on the schedule (making it impossible for the Dallas Cowboys to be .500 again this year), there are some interesting numbers on the betting board. Numbers that tell you all you need to know about where teams stand in the minds of bookmakers. Here are the NFL over/under wins numbers that caught my eye and where some of my money may be going between now and Draft Night.

Who will have more wins this season: Jacksonville Jaguars or New York Jets? 

The top 2 teams in this year’s draft are both expected to draft their franchise changing, life altering quarterback. Trevor Lawrence has been receiving wedding gifts from Jags fans, and Gang Green fans are already hoping that Zach Wilson lives up to the hype that propelled him to the second pick in this year’s draft.

Both Jacksonville and the Jets opened with www.betonline.ag with an over/under of six wins, making sure that from day one that Lawrence and Wilson are forever linked. Both of these teams are in divisions that are at least two if not three teams deep with talent heading into next year, making an under bet on both a wise move. 

Deciding who will win more games may be up to how well both first-time NFL head coaches perform for their teams, and with Jacksonville breaking in Urban Meyer to the NFL game, I say Jets get five wins and the Jaguars get four when it is all said and done in 2021.

Who will have more wins this year: Cardinals, Vikings, Saints, Steelers or Washington?

This is an interesting group of NFL teams who all have an over/under of 8.5 wins. I was really surprised to see the Saints here even with Drew Brees recently retiring. All of these teams still have playoff level talent, with Washington likely being at the bottom of the group, but able to rely on their head coach to make up for it.

The Cardinals are swimming in the deep end of the NFL pool known as the NFC West where anyone could make it or the division might devour itself, leaving just one playoff team left in January. The Vikings need to have a good season in the NFC North or there will be changes coming to the Twin Cities. 

Pittsburgh, yes Pittsburgh still has talent, but with Big Ben chiming for the last time, how much he has left in his body remains to be seen.

So, the question is who will be at least 9-8 at the end of year, and here’s how I see it: Arizona probably, Minnesota yes, New Orleans yes, because they are in a soft division, Pittsburgh yes, just because they know this is their last chance, and Washington yes, because they have the talent and coach to make it above .500.

Who do you believe in more: Dallas Cowboys or Cleveland Browns?

I don’t know which is more of a shocker to me, that the Browns have actually surpassed the Cowboys in preseason expectations, or that Dallas have an over/under of 9.5, a half-game behind Cleveland’s 10-win O/U? 

I really like what Cleveland did last year, especially after Odell Beckham, Jr. was injured, and the team developed without his dark cloud hanging over it. Their O/U total tells you thats oddsmakers like the Browns more than the Steelers, which is an incredible thought, and one that means the changing of the guard is taking place in the vaunted AFC North. 

Do I really think the Dallas Cowboys are going to win the NFC East? Because based upon their O/U, the highest in the division, they are supposed to this season. I don’t buy Dak Prescott and I think during the four-years he is signed, the Cowboys will have more days they regret that new contract than embrace it. Will the Browns go 11-6 and over their number? For me that’s a lot more likely than the Cowboys being over .500 this season, which is why it is Cleveland over and Dallas under for me.

Here are my safe bets as I see things right now just days before the NFL Draft:

Atlanta under 7.0 wins.

Dallas under 9.5 wins.

Green Bay over 10.5 wins.

LA Chargers over 9.0 wins

Pittsburgh over 8.5 wins.

Tennessee over 9.5 wins.


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What’s Your Favorite NFL Team Over/Under For Wins In 2021? | TooAthletic.com

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