What It Would Sound Like if Blink-182 Wrote ‘One Week’

What would it sound like if blink-182 wrote “One Week” instead of the Barenaked Ladies? Youtuber Alex Melton has the answer. Watch the Melton transform “One Week” below.

Alex Melton is a self-described, “producer, musician and Pro Tools defender,” according to his Youtube channel’s description. He takes iconic songs and covers them in a different genre. Some other notable video’s of his include: a country version of Blink-182’s “I Miss You” and if Blink-182 wrote Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.”

“There’s always been a big market for genre-flipping on YouTube, and if it’s done well, it can go past a novelty into some legitimate art,” Melton told Mel Magazine. “For me, the idea of re-creating a song one-for-one holds no artistic value or challenge currently, which is where the genre-flips come in. There has to be a discernible reason that I wouldn’t just listen to the original record, y’know? If you can present your ideas in a clear and interesting way, while also having fun with it, people will naturally want to tune in. There’s so much good music being written in every genre, and it’s really fun to take solid songwriting and switch up the instrumentation, or meter, or style or any combination of things.”

Melton first started creating the genre-flipping covers to promote his studio. Since then, it has evolved into something more.

“For me, it was mostly a way to demonstrate my production skills to get clients for my studio, hence my channel name, ‘Vacation Room Studio.’ It was always more about grabbing people’s attention to lead them to become clients, but over time, it became more about me performing and sharing my arrangements with people. When the pandemic hit, I got sent home from my day job, and I suddenly had a lot more time to devote to music. I made a lot of stuff in a short amount of time, knowing that this was a precious moment for me: My day job can be pretty demanding, physically and schedule-wise, so I hadn’t had a lot of time for music in the last four to five years. I hit the ground running, going from 7,000 subscribers to 120,000 this past year.”

If Blink-182 wrote “One Week”

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