What are the chances of winning a discrimination case

Discrimination cases are different and unique. This is why the chances of winning a discrimination case depend upon the specifics of the circumstances faced by you. If there is sufficient evidence against your employer, including messages, posts, emails, and history of discrimination in front of many witnesses, then your case has a high chance of success.

Moreover, if the evidence collected is direct evidence or a large amount of circumstantial evidence, then you will have a better chance at recovering damages. Discrimination attorneys near me will offer consultations to determine whether your case is worthy or not, and they will gather evidence to help make your case strong and thus increase your chances of winning the case.

Recovering damages

Employment law is complicated, with differences in the state, federal and local laws that should be considered when working on the case. Laws protect employees when they are discriminated against due to any of these:

  •         Age
  •         Religion
  •         Disability
  •         Sexual orientation
  •         Race
  •         Gender
  •         Creed
  •         Marital status
  •         Conviction record
  •         Victim status and
  •         Pregnancy etc

There is a better chance of recovering damages under state laws as compared to federal laws. But this will depend upon your case. Recent years have seen an increase in the conversations and awareness about discrimination and how it can affect the person. So more people are willing to share their experiences, which has ensured that more people are aware that workplace discrimination is unacceptable.

This is why, if your case goes to trial, then your chances of winning will improve as the jury will understand the negative effects discrimination has had on you. This, in turn, improves your chances of recovering damages such as:

Back and front pay

The loss of wage from starting discrimination to the time your case is settled in the back pay. At the same time, the front pay is what you could lose due to the discrimination. The end date of your front pay will depend upon how long before you find another employment.


If you were fired due to discrimination and can successfully recover damages, you can recover lost benefits as well. This includes retirement benefits, medical insurance, paid leave, and other benefits taken from you.

Strong and useful evidence is key

You have better chances of winning your discrimination case if you have records, documents, and other evidence to back up your claim. It would be best if you documented everything when you face discrimination. Write down everything that is discriminatory, and save any emails, messages, and pictures from your employer.

You and your lawyer can further dig into your employer’s behavior to obtain evidence relevant to your case to strengthen your claim to recover damages. What do you have to prove for your case? If you are a member of a protected class, then you can prove unfair treatment towards yourself. You also need to prove that an adverse action was taken against you due to ill feelings because you belong to a protected class. Moreover, you need to prove that the discrimination harmed you.


So this is a summary of what to expect in a discrimination case and your chances of winning a discrimination case. You must contact an employment lawyer who has experience in discrimination cases, and they will work with you to strengthen your case and recover damages.

Source: Upscale Living Magazine

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