Watch Jordan Spieth face death to hit approach shot off edge of cliff

Jordan Spieth got lucky that his tee shot didn’t roll over the edge of a cliff at Pebble Beach on Saturday, but he then risked it to hit his approach.

Golf fans are well aware of the challenge of the No. 8 hole at Pebble Beach. It’s a short fairway that is separated from the green by a giant cliff (called a 68-foot drop) that goes down to the beach before rising back up to the putting surface. Jordan Spieth, however, got dangerously close to that cliff.

On Saturday’s third round with Spieth charging up a packed leaderboard, the enigmatic Texan tried to hold back off the tee but ran it up the right side of the fairway where it’s shorter than the other side. The ball came to rest just on the edge of the cliff, a lucky break to not plummet down to the beach.

What was not so lucky, though, was Spieth’s second shot. He had to precariously stand on the edge of the cliff to hit his approach to the green. It would take guts just to stand over your ball from this lie — much less get it anywhere near the green from there.

Jordan Spieth hits approach from edge of 68-foot cliff at Pebble Beach

Seriously, look at the still-frame of Spieth hitting this shot. It’s legitimately terrifying.

Though Spieth put the approach just over the back of the green in a tough spot to play from the wedge magician got up and down from par. Not bad for a death-defying act to save par.

Over the course of his career, we’ve seen Jordan Spieth end up and escape some from pretty peculiar and odd areas of the golf course. This, however, might take the cake as he stared down a 68-foot drop to hit this shot.

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