Tyler Glasnow blames MLB crackdown on foreign substances for his injury

Tyler Glasnow may need Tommy John Surgery and he didn’t hold back in blaming the MLB’s crackdown on substances for it. 

Complete and total disheartening news arrived for the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday, as it has been revealed that superstar pitcher Tyler Glasnow has a partial UCL tear. With this, there’s a chance he might have to undergo Tommy John Surgery.

The plan for now is for him to try and rehab things and not go under the knife. Regardless, concern has arrived for the club. At the same time, the hard-throwing righty didn’t mince words in calling out the MLB cracking down on foreign substances for playing a major role in his injury.

Rob Manfred will surely not like seeing what Tyler Glasnow had to say about his serious injury

Glasnow blaming things on the league here sure is something. It’s going to raise plenty of eyebrows as well, especially after it was announced on Tuesday that players will now be ejected and face 10-game suspensions if they’re caught using foreign substances.

Moving forward, what happens if more and more players start to get injured like Glasnow? Will Manfred re-think things, or will there be a change in the policies?

Per Glasnow, all he had been using was sunscreen and rosin. Under the new guidelines, players can use rosin, but they can’t combine it with sunscreen. Sunscreen won’t be allowed at indoor stadiums, while hurlers have been told not to use it after the sun sets at outdoor ones.

Right now, the hope is that Glasnow will be able to avoid having Tommy John Surgery, but that’s certainly on the table. It’s terrible news for one of the best arms in the bigs. According to him, too, this all could have been avoided.

Source: FanSided

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