Twitter couldn’t believe Draymond Green got ejected from Game 1

Twitter simply cannot believe Draymond Green got ejected on the lamest flagrant 2 ever.

In Game 1 of the Golden State Warriors‘ Western Conference Semifinals series vs. the Memphis Grizzlies, Draymond Green got himself tossed from FedEx Forum.

The Dancing Bear will get himself t’ed up every know and then, but he should not have been ejected from the ball game on the weakest of flagrant 2’s you will ever see. To stir the pot even more, Green pranced around the court like the hardwood version of Antonio Brown. Green would have been one heck of a wrestling heel had Vince McMahon recruited him out of Michigan State.

Here is the play in question that got Green thrown out of Memphis quicker than a bad rack of ribs.

Twitter absolutely exploded after Draymond Green got ejected from Game 1

While it was a foul, you would have thought Green suplexed a dude onto the concrete floor.

The NBA has needed a Bad Guy for years, and the league may have just gotten its Scott Hall (RIP).

The dumb part in all this is Green will be getting suspended by Adam Silver, which is so stupid.

Even though he is and always will be kind of a troll on the court, it is not like Green is Bad Boy Piston-ing dudes like he is Rick Mahorn or Bill Laimbeer. But you know what these fine gentlemen all have in common? Rings, dude. Rings! The only problem with the worst ejection of all time is it might deprive Green and the Dubs core of a fourth. It is starting to feel really 2016 all over again.

May The Grindhouse be louder than you will see on Smackdown or Raw for the rest of the time.

Source: FanSided

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