Trump’s Former Drunk Doctor Turned Congressman Claims COVID Variant Is A Democratic Plot To Steal The 2022 Election

Rep. Ronny Jackson claimed that the Omicron variant is a Democratic plot to steal the 2022 election with mail-in ballots.

Rep. Jackson tweeted:

Rep. Jackson is the same “doctor”  who gushed about Trump’s health during a White House press briefing. He also lost his chance to run the VA administration due to a reported drinking problem.

The COVID variant is not a plot to steal the midterm election. However, if Republicans believe it is and don’t get vaccinated, there may not be as many around to vote in the election.

Republicans are blind to the obvious when they cast doubt on the reality of COVID. The people who believe what people like Ronny Jackson are pushing are Republicans.

In other words. Rep. Ronny Jackson is trying to kill more members of his party and other people that they may spread the new variant to with baseless conspiracy theories and the denial of pandemic science.


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