Trump To Kill More Republicans As GOP Governors Beg His Southern Supporters To Get Vaccinated

Republican governors are taking to the airwaves to beg Trump supporters to get vaccinated as the Delta variant surges in the South.

The Washington Post reported:

GOP governors implored their residents on Sunday to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, as polling shows that vaccine hesitancy has been driven by Republicans and as the virus’s new, more contagious delta variant has caused recent upticks in covid-19 cases in areas with low vaccination rates.


A new Washington Post-ABC News poll showed 74 percent of people who haven’t been vaccinated say they probably or definitely won’t get vaccinated — and that the divide fell sharply along party lines. According to the survey, 86 percent of Democrats have received at least one vaccine shot compared with 45 percent of Republicans. Only 6 percent of Democrats said they are not likely to get vaccinated, compared with 47 percent of Republicans, including 38 percent of Republicans overall, who said they definitely will not get the vaccine.

Democrats embraced the vaccine and the facts. Republicans, led by Trump, lied about the dangers of the pandemic and have continued to spread falsehoods about the vaccine.

The Delta variant is spreading through the South, and the result of the GOP/Trump campaign of disinformation about the pandemic and the vaccine is that a lot of Republicans are facing the possibility of death.

The failed former one-term president likes to call the pandemic the plague, if this is the case, Trump has released a plague on his supporters.

Cults when pushed to their brink, will feature a mass suicide or death event. The refusal of Trump-supporting Republicans to get vaccinated could be viewed as their death event.

COVID cases are already surging in Florida, and the pattern is repeating itself in other red southern states.  The Republican governors who do want to spread the vaccination message are powerless because many of their constituents have been brainwashed by Trump.


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