Trump Is So Toxic That Glenn Youngkin Doesn’t Want To Campaign With Him

Youngkin said that he appreciates Trump’s endorsement, but his race is his own, and he made it clear that he thinks Trump would hurt him with Democrats and Independents.


Youngkin said in the video above that while he appreciates Trump’s endorsement, his race his own, and talked about how his campaign is all about Virginia, unlike Terry McAuliffe, who he accused of bringing in “crazy people” who have nothing to do with Virginia to campaign for him.

One of those “crazy people” is First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, who has taught in the state for more than a decade.

Trump Is Toxic That Youngkin Is Worried That He Will Destroy His Campaign

Youngkin could have easily said that he looks forward to campaigning with Trump, but instead, he tried to minimize Trump and talk about how many different Virginians support him.

Glenn Youngkin is losing this election, and he knows that bringing in Donald Trump to the state will cause Democrats and Independents to flock to the polls to vote against.

Youngkin’s message to Trump was thanks for the endorsement but don’t come anywhere near me in Virginia.


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