Trump Continues To Be Erased As Judge Tosses Rollback Of Endangered Species Protections

A federal judge has thrown out numerous Trump rollbacks of federal protections for endangered species.

The AP reported:

A federal judge on Tuesday threw out a host of actions by the Trump administration to roll back protections for endangered or threatened species, a year after the Biden administration said it was moving to strengthen species protections weakened under former President Donald Trump.

U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar in Northern California eliminated the Trump-era rules even as two wildlife agencies under President Joe Biden are reviewing or rescinding the Trump-era regulations. The decision restores a range of protections under the Endangered Species Act — including some that date to the 1970s — while the reviews are completed. 

Trump tried to cause an extinction event for endangered species. Donald Trump was a cartoon villain of a president no one and nothing was safe from his brand of death and destruction.

Donald Trump’s legacy and accomplishments are being wiped out. With the exception of the Trump tax cuts for the rich, which appear to be on borrowed time because Sens. Machin and Schumer are negotiating a reconciliation deal that would wipe out the tax cuts, Trump didn’t have much of a legacy of accomplishment by legislation or executive order.

Endangered species have their protections because Donald Trump is no longer president and can do nothing about the federal judicial ruling.

Source: PoliticusUSA

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