Trevor Noah Recaps Trump Impeachment Trial, Says Acquittal Was Expected – Deadline

More than a month after he encouraged his followers to challenge the results of the presidential election and march on the Capitol, President Donald Trump is off the hook for citing a deadly insurrection on Jan. 6.

And as disappointed as some Americans and politicians may be in Saturday’s ruling, The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah said Trump’s acquittal should come as no surprise.

“I get that it’s disappointing for a lot of people, but we should know this by now – this is what Trump does. He wiggles his way out of accountability,” Noah said on Monday night. “Trying to hold Trump accountable for his crimes is like trying to kill a fruit fly.”

While recapping the weekend’s news, Noah said that voting to convict Trump of inspiring the violent attacks on the Capitol was “actually a bit of a tricky situation for Republicans.”

Even before the trial, GOP figures received pressure and backlash from Trump supporters if they voiced support for impeachment. Now the GOP figures who voted to convict the former president received both internal and external threats, like Representative Adam Kinzinger whose family slammed and shunned him for voting in favor of conviction.

“The GOP base still loves Trump and would turn on anyone who votes against him faster than Buffy fans turned on Joss Whedon,” he explained, using the recent controversy surrounding the director.

During his monologue Noah also took aim at Mitch McConnell who voted to acquit Trump on Saturday, but later gave a speech criticizing the former president for inciting the violent attacks.

While Trump has made history as the only president to be impeached twice, he’s also walking away as the “acquittal G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time),” Noah said.

“Sorry O.J., you had a good run but Trump got acquitted twice and he’s responsible for more deaths,” he joked.

See Noah’s full segment above.


Source: Deadline

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