Tommy Hilfiger Is A Real Person And People Didn’t Know

Yes, Tommy Hilfiger is an actual person that is very much alive.

Alright, so if you grew up in the mid-to-late ’90s, then you probably wore and coveted Tommy Hilfiger clothing. (And also the scents, ’cause they smelled amazing!)

Marion Curtis / The LIFE Picture Collection via

It was one of the biggest brands around!

And Tommy himself was as well-known as his brand. A celeb designer who hung out with actors, models, and musicians.

Steve Azzara / Getty Images

Of course, he would go onto be known as Ally’s dad on MTV’s early-’00s reality TV show, Rich Girls.

Well, last night, Pop Crave tweeted out this TikTok video of Law Roach doing the “I’m Busy” FaceTime prank to his celeb friends: Tom Holland, Tiffany Haddish, Kerry Washington…and Tommy Hilfiger.

Law Roach pranks Tom Holland, Tiffany Haddish, Tommy Hilfiger and Kerry Washington for TikTok’s ‘I’m Busy’ challenge.

Twitter: @PopCrave

While it was funny to see Law prank his famous friends, there was only one main takeaway from the video…

…That many people didn’t realize that Tommy Hilfiger was actually a person and that he is still alive today:

Then, an equal number of people reacted to the tweet, confused that others didn’t know this information to begin with:

@PopCrave i don’t understand. if y’all dk Tommy Hilfiger or that he’s still living, i mean i guess that’s understandable. but a couple of things: the 90s weren’t that super long ago. what like 30yrs ago? he was popular then. 2nd ik y’all know Zendaya she did a collab with him…

Twitter: @InfiniteILLest

So, yes, Tommy is not some made-up person (and I get the confusion, ’cause he does have the name of an old-timey haberdashery). But now I want to know: Did YOU know that Tommy Hilfiger is a real person, or did you think it was just a brand name? Share in the comments below!

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