Tom Holland Zendaya Kiss In Car Reactions

I would just like to say…I KNEW IT.

We did it y’all. The stars aligned, and we were finally able to manifest a romantic relationship between Zendaya and Tom Holland.

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The two play love interests in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Paparazzi photos obtained by Page Six captured the two driving around in Tom’s Audi in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. The couple were also spotted carrying items into the car.

Diggzy / Diggzy/Jesal/REX/Shutterstock

Both Zendaya and Tom are hot. It was only a matter of time.

So, without further ado, we’ve rounded up some of the most hilarious reactions to the Tomdaya kiss that will forever go down in history books:


Reader, I have not stopped screaming since these photos dropped.

the way tom holland and zendaya smiled at each other after kissing has got to be one of the purest things ever

Twitter: @themarvelparker / Diggzy/Jesal/Shutterstock / Via Twitter: @themarvelparker


Adorable, life-changing, pure, wholesome, too good for this world — should I go on?

Twitter: @dinnnishtt / Diggzy/Jesal/Shutterstock


I think we ALL would react like this if we got a chance to kiss Zendaya.

Twitter: @dayapeters / Diggzy/Jesal/Shutterstock / Via Twitter: @dayapeters


This is undeniably the best “best friends-to-lovers” trope fulfilled.

i actually believe that tom and zendaya are bffs to lovers kind of trope omg fuck i can’t get over them

Twitter: @agathasvision / Diggzy/Jesal/Shutterstock / Via Twitter: @agathasvision


This entirely appropriate reaction.

Twitter: @krisspyykremee / Diggzy/Jesal/Shutterstock / Via Twitter: @krisspyykremee


Zendaya and Tom have left the bisexual community (me) in shambles.

Twitter: @Kourtney23456 / Diggzy/Jesal/Shutterstock / Via Twitter: @Kourtney23456


The excellent use of this meme.

Twitter: @not_kushagra / Diggzy/Jesal/Shutterstock / Via Twitter: @not_kushagra

i think we’re all happy for zendaya & tom, but let’s take a moment to appreciate nicki & tom’s wonderful relationship over the years.

Twitter: @photonblast / Via Twitter: @photonsblast


I can’t stop crying.

Twitter: @HARDWHITE / Via Twitter: @HARDWHlTE

Kudos to the dedicated and photoshop-savvy Barbz and Hollanders for these iconic tweets.


Jake Gyllenhaal looking at himself trending alongside Nicki, Tom, and Zendaya: “Now why am I in it?”

Nicki links up with Tom Holland’s enemy, Jake, following the recent flood of tweets with him and Zendaya.

Nicki said in an interview: “it’s just business right? ?”

Twitter: @YouDaBaddess / Via Twitter: @YouDaBaddess

Jake and Tom’s bromance is over, according to Twitter, so now he will band together with Nicki for revenge.


Jake is an Olivia Rodrigo stan? I would like to see it.

? JUST IN: Spotify activity shows Jake Gyllenhaal listening to “good 4 u” by Olivia Rodrigo on repeat since paparazzi photos of Zendaya and Tom Holland kissing surfaced

Twitter: @valcarol / Via Twitter: @valcaroI


I’d like to think Nicki also listens to Olivia.

?Also just in; Spotify shows Nicki has traitor on loop due to recent news of Tom Holland kissing zendaya

Twitter: @alexisqwoods / Via Twitter: @alexisqwoods


A moment of silence for Jake as he mourns his loss.

Rare photos of Jake Gyllenhaal finding out that Tom Holland(Spiderman) is cheating on him with his Co-Star, Zendaya.

Twitter: @zaynsicarusmind / Via Twitter: @zaynsicarusmind


I mean, “Replay” is indeed a banger, so I believe it.

Twitter: @petermjsthasmin / Diggzy/Jesal/Shutterstock / Via Twitter: @petermjsthasmin

I don’t know about you, but I, for one, am already impatiently waiting for more Tomdaya content.

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