Timothée Chalamet breaks the internet as Edgar Schissorhands in Cadillac’s Super Bowl commercial (Video)

Timothée Chalamet breaks the internet as Edgar Schissorhands in Cadillac's Super Bowl commercial (Video)

The best Super Bowl commercial was undoubtedly the one from Cadillac with Timothée Chalamet playing the son of Edward Scissorhands.

Timothée Chalamet really can play any role to perfection.

The Call Me By Your Name actor nailed his role as Edgar Scissorhands, the son of Edward Scissorhands in the Super Bowl commercial from Cadillac. Winona Ryder also reprised her role from the iconic Timothy Burton movie that starred Johnny Depp in the titular role.

The ad is about the new LYRIQ vehicle that offers hands-free cruising but I’m just hoping we can get a full-length movie because the 90-second commercial is so good it deserves to get a Golden Globe nomination.

Timothée Chalamet breaks the internet as Edgar Scissorhands in Cadillac’s Super Bowl commercial

In an interview with Vogue, Chalamet talked about playing the role and how he got into character to play the son of the character made famous by Depp.

“Well, legacy and precedent are some of the most important factors for me in choosing projects. Edward Scissorhands was a movie I adored growing up and the opportunity to step into that world was a dream come true. I was also excited about LYRIQ’s emphasis on environmental sustainability and cutting down on using fossil fuel dependent cars. It felt like the perfect combination of legacy with an eye towards the future. I also love the director David Shane’s work in the commercial space and he was really open to collaborating on this.”

“This was a wonderful opportunity to hopefully make the original material relatable to a modern audience without sacrificing the originality of the 1990 version. Instead, we wanted to create a character that didn’t make you blink in terms of a present-day setting, but was a total homage to the character Johnny Depp created.”

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