This Sports Host Sees The Colts Going Far With Carson Wentz

This Sports Host Sees The Colts Going Far With Carson Wentz | Sports Takes & News |

There’s one member of the media who is still very high on Carson Wentz, and sees the former Eagles quarterback making it big with his new team, the Colts. So much so that this member of the media, Colin Cowherd, sees Indianapolis winning the AFC South, and probably playing for a Super Bowl berth during the 2021 season. 

It was clear during comments made on his Friday Fox Sports show that Colin Cowherd believes that Carson Wentz has talent as a quarterback … a premise that may be somewhat undercut by the fact that the Eagles traded him to the Colts this offseason. Thus, incurring the largest dead cap hit in the history of the NFL having a salary cap. That’s why when I saw the headline on Twitter “I don’t get the cynics on Carson Wentz to the Colts. They’re going to win this division & probably going to play in the AFC Championship,” I stopped to listen to what Cowherd had to say.

Cowherd believes that the outcry from Hall of Fame level quarterbacks like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson over the last year has been simple, that one player can’t win in the NFL alone, even when that player is a quarterback.

The Fox Sports talk show host believes that because Wentz is now out of Philadelphia and in Indianapolis, he has improved his chances for success since everything from his culture, offensive line and head coach have improved. These improvements will allow him to use his own talents to have personal and team success in 2021.

The theory put forth by Cowherd was further explained by him pointing out that even NBA stars like LeBron James understand that being the only star on a team isn’t going to guarantee team success.  “LeBron wants to be the man, just not the only man,” Cowherd said. He also pointed out that the Indianapolis Colts went 11-5 last year with Philip Rivers at quarterback, a player who is now a high school football coach after retiring from the team after the season. The point being Wentz has, in the opinion of Cowherd, enough talent to maintain that level of success for the Colts while also taking the team to the next level in 2021, which means deeper into the NFL Playoffs.

Despite being in the NFL since 2016, many people are still unsure how good Carson Wentz is. An image that is adversely affected by the Eagles winning their first Super Bowl with Nick Foles going on an historic run in one of the seasons where Wentz was injured. Cowherd is, to use a Wall Street phrase, bullish on Wentz, seeing the talent and projected a good fit in Indianapolis for the Colts new quarterback. 

Many betting websites were offering 25/1 odds for the Colts to win the Super Bowl LVI next year after Tampa Bay won this year’s title; and those odds have not changed since the signing trade for Carson Wentz. There are, however, only four AFC teams (Kansas City, Baltimore, Buffalo and Cleveland) with the same or better odds of winning Super Bowl LVI a week into the free agency period and a month away from the NFL Draft.

If Carson Wentz and the Indianapolis Colts were stocks, I probably would buy some; and I say that because I was high on them last year with Philip Rivers, and they did probably as well as could be expected with a quarterback on his last legs.

While I would have liked the Colts to trade for Matthew Stafford or maybe even Matt Ryan as some suggested, I can see Frank Reich working some magic with Carson Wentz this season and making the AFC South a dog fight all year long. From there, just as Nick Foles showed us, getting a hot hand is as much about good timing as it is talent, so who knows what Wentz will do on the NFL’s biggest postseason stages.

While the bulk of my money would be on Buffalo and Kansas City again, seeing the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship game isn’t the worst prediction in the world, and Colin Cowherd’s logic does have merit … and the 2021 season will allow us to see how right, or wrong it actually is. 


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This Sports Host Sees The Colts Going Far With Carson Wentz |

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