This NBA Star Is Against An All-Star Game

This NBA Star Is Against An All-Star Game | Sports Takes & News |

As the NBA and its players agree to hold an All-Star game, one of the game’s most important players is asking why the fans are being given an event so many look forward to every year. In fact, in an act that can only be considered an insult to fans, this player, LeBron James, is admitting that he has little interest in participating in the All-Star game. Did he forget that it was games like this that helped make him a billionaire?

When the NBA put together its shortened 72-game schedule for this season, they built in a five-day break during the first week in March. It’s during that break that the NBA and the Players’ Association had agreed to hold this year’s All-Star game in Atlanta. It was a decision that James called, “pretty much a slap in the face,” and admitting, “I don’t even know why we’re having an All-Star Game.” He went on to say that he had “zero energy and zero excitement” in playing in the game and “would be there physically, but not mentally.” 

The NBA is having a difficult time keeping teams away from Covid-19, with games being postponed on a weekly basis when teams can’t produce eight healthy players. Therefore, if it was on that basis that LeBron James and other players were saying they objected to having the All-Star game, then, for one, they didn’t relay that concern to their union. Secondly, they shouldn’t be playing any games, and yield their millions of dollars in salary for doing so. However, James admitted that he is just looking forward to having a five-day break in March, probably because of his age and the fact that the Lakers had such a short offseason after winning the NBA title in October.

People continue to try and tell us how much influence LeBron James has over the NBA, and he probably does when it comes to seeing the rosters of his team change upon his command. However, he doesn’t appear to have the pulse of his fellow players when it comes to league-wide issues, something that was evident last year when he tried to cancel the postseason in protest of police brutality.

I am not sure why James and a handful of other players are objecting to having an All-Star game since it is, an event for fans; and in this second year of the Covid-19 pandemic with fans unable to attend games, having a made-for-TV party for fans seems like a good thing to do if it can be done safely. Perhaps, the hidden meaning here is that LeBron James and others don’t trust their fellow players who are the cause of so many games being delayed because of their off-court activities, with those players unwilling to hang out with them for All-Star weekend. Otherwise, it is not LeBron James who is getting slap in the face by the NBA and his own union, but James, himself, who is slapping the face of fans who would enjoy seeing a game that is designed for entertainment. Of course, no one is actually forcing him to attend the game, and if James and other players don’t want to go, then they should not attend. Yet, that would mean that other NBA players might be recruiting their fellow all-stars to play with them next year since the game is often a way to network and build super teams.

It is sad that a player of LeBron James’ stature no longer feels the NBA All-Star game is important; but considering how difficult it is to get players to join the slam dunk contest, I guess James just is one of those “me first” player who only wants fans around when he is interested in selling something and wants us to go away when he is not.

Let’s hope that the NBA has a great All-Star Game without LeBron James anywhere near the game or the city of Atlanta, then, maybe next year he will appreciate it more, and will grace us with the honor of his presence. Because as he gets older, his need for fans seems to be going down and his own self-interest goes up; I guess that’s what happens when we all become out of touch billionaires, right Mr. James? 


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This NBA Star Is Against An All-Star Game |

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