This Is Why Tim Tebow Is Joining The Jaguars!

This Is Why Tim Tebow Is Joining The Jaguars! | Sports Takes & News |

The NFL is about to see a second coming of sorts as the Jacksonville Jaguars are expected to sign Tim Tebow to play tight end for the 2021 season. Tebow, the former NFL quarterback, turned announcer, turned minor league baseball farmhand, was last on the gridiron during the 2015 season before accepting that being a QB was not something the league wanted him to do anymore. Now, with his former University of Florida head coach Urban Meyer coaching the Jaguars, the soon-to-be 34-year-old Tebow felt this was the perfect time for a return to football while also making a position change. For me, however, the signing has two purposes, one for Meyer, the other for Tebow, and both have everything to do with the future success of the Jaguars. 

Just when you thought the biggest news story this spring was going to be the ongoing battle over in-person training camps, the Jacksonville Jaguars turned to the one person who often appears to have a bigger following than the league itself to make some headlines, Tim Tebow.

While with the Florida Gators, Tebow, along with head coach Urban Meyer won the 2006 and 2008 national titles, with the quarterback taking home a Heisman Trophy as well. It’s that bond that is part of the reason why these two people are reuniting not in Gainesville, Florida, but Jacksonville.

It is very common for NFL head coaches to bring in players who are familiar with their systems to help teach the new players they will be working with at a new job. For Tebow, who, shall we say, “Speaks Meyer,” having him in the locker room, even as the former QB learns the tight end position himself, will be a major help for head coach. Think of it as has having a translator to help you learn a new language, in this case, the new Jacksonville playbook, with Tebow there to help both the offense and defense understand the goals behind what Urban Meyer is trying to do. 

Tim Tebow is also there to provide proof that the system can work since he has succeeded in it before, even if it was at a lower level than the NFL. While true that Tebow will be taking a roster spot of a player who could be a long-term piece in the Jacksonville rebuild, Meyer, and many other head coaches before him have used this tactic before. 

Meyer is using his former quarterback and a host of former Ohio State Buckeyes players to carry his message into the locker room for him. And for those of you who believe that Tim Tebow will be a distraction to the Jacksonville Jaguars this year, you are right, and that’s exactly what Urban Meyer wants. Because while the NFL media is chewing up all that Tebow can give them and his fans during training camp, the head coach will have plenty of quality time with his new quarterback Trevor Lawrence out of the spotlight normally seen by the first overall pick. Remember, Meyer spend the last two years in the media, so he knows what networks are looking for; Tim Tebow is one of those things. 

As for what Meyer is doing for Tebow, that’s simple, giving him once last chance to play in the NFL. Does Tebow, who didn’t want to make a position switch before he retired in 2015 deserve that chance, maybe, maybe not; but the fact is now he has one thanks to his former head coach. Which means even if the former Gator falls flat on his face, it won’t be from lack of effort. 

Do I expect more images of Tebow running in the rain shirtless like we saw during his time with the New York Jets? Yes, but that’s part of his allure, and why Meyer has him there. On the field and in the locker room no one will try harder to make this work, and with all the help Tebow gave Meyer in college, the head coach owes him one. Now, thanks to this new contract, they are even.

Each person is getting something out of this arrangement, with the duo of Meyer and Tebow only committed for a training camp, and at most, one year, at least for now. Both are getting something they want and are not giving up too much to get it … but trust me, Urban Meyer knows why he is doing this. And even if the plan doesn’t work in the standings, it will pay dividends over the long haul for the Jacksonville Jaguars, which is all any head coach wants when starting a new job. 


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This Is Why Tim Tebow Is Joining The Jaguars! |

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