This Chiefs fan was somehow more embarrassing than the defense

This Kansas City Chiefs fan was a bigger embarrassment than the entire defense last night.

The only thing more embarrassing than the Kansas City Chiefs defense last night was this lightning delay souvenir cup collector/thief.

During a lengthy weather delay, this one guy decided he need ALL the souvenir cups at Arrowhead Stadium. Everybody else was chilling on the concourse trying to not get struck by lightning, but this dude was either trying to create his own beer snake by himself or was collecting enough fake plastic cups to be featured on the next season of Hoarders. It was bad, and then it got even worse.

He went from stealing other people’s cups, to slinging water on the security guards, to getting kicked out of Arrowhead, all before eating it on a seat to completely embarrass himself and his family.

Kansas City Chiefs fan wanted ALL the souvenir cups at Arrowhead Stadium

While everybody has to make rent somehow, this is not how you go about doing so. There are not enough fake plastic cups in one section of Arrowhead Stadium to suffice for one rent payment to your landlord. Not only did he not secure the necessary rent money with this cash from eBay, but he is probably down another month’s worth of rent for presumably venturing into the drunk tank.

Why would a fan want dozens of commemorative cups from a disaster of a Chiefs football game?

Source: FanSided

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