Third woman comes forward with sexual assault accusation

In a Washington Post article released on Friday night, Trevor Bauer was accused of sexual assault and domestic violence by a third woman.

Note: This story contains graphic accounts of domestic violence, threats and sexual assault. If you or someone you know is a survivor of sexual assault or domestic violence, contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673 or the Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.

The woman claimed to date Bauer as far back as when he was a minor leaguer in the Cleveland Guardians organization. They had an on-and-off relationship for years, per the woman, who alleged Bauer often choked her unconscious, only to continue performing sexual acts on her.

It is a familiar account in relation to the other two alleged victims, and shows a timeline of similar events throughout the course of Bauer’s personal life during his professional baseball career.

“My hope is that people will see that these girls aren’t making this up,” the third alleged victim told the Washington Post. “I have no reason to come forward other than to back up what they’re saying and to say that, like, this happened to me years ago, before he was anybody.”

On Friday afternoon, MLB suspended Bauer for two full seasons. The pitcher released a statement denying said allegations, including those in the Washington Post.

What did Trevor Bauer do to be suspended?

Bauer violated MLB’s domestic abuse and sexual assault policy, which directly states that consent cannot be given if a victim is asleep or unconscious. Despite Bauer’s suggestion that the acts were consensual to begin with, once one participant is asleep or unconscious, they can no longer give that consent as it pertains to violent, sexual acts.

The third alleged victim showed text messages in which Bauer wrote, quite literally, “I want to f— you while you’re completely unconscious.”

All three women have made it clear that they did consent to sex with Bauer. Where things get sketchy, however, is when said women can no longer give that consent. In many cases, they’ve alleged that they woke up with bruises around their necks and wounds in the facial area from Bauer, which would warrant as domestic violence.

Bauer has denied all allegations against him, and has yet to be criminally charged. There was a civil case against him, but it was ultimately dropped.

Source: FanSided

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