The Week’s Best New Dance Tracks From Rezz & More

They say you shouldn’t meet your idols, that they’ll only disappoint you — but what if meeting your idol is what makes your whole career? All Rezz fans know their “Space Mom” was inspired to produce after seeing deadmau5 play at Hard Day of the Dead 2013. Eight years later, the two drop their first collaboration, a dark dream called “Hypnocurrency.” It’s a beautiful, brooding electronic soundscape, an exploratory gem that shines like a rainbow in an empty void. 

“I feel like my collab with deadmau5 is an exact split of his sounds and mine, which is a high standard I set before ever sending him an idea,” Rezz tweeted. “Deadmau5 is the main reason I started creating music THANK U, this is such a full circle thing – life goes craaaaaazyyyyyyy. I’m drinking a beer to celebrate.” 

“Hypnocurrency” is also the soundtrack to an NFT collaboration of the same name. The window of purchase opportunity for this drop may be closed, but you can jam to the new track any time you want.  — KAT BEIN

Porter Robinson, “Trying to Feel Alive”

If you need space to have the cathartic cry after all the trauma of 2020 and early ’21, Porter Robinson’s new album Nurture will unlock those tears. The story behind these 14 songs is widely publicized, and the artist’s own legendary tale is well-understood. But as a refresher, Robinson is the boy-wonder breakout turned influential genius who already changed the dance scene with his debut LP Worlds and Grammy-nominated Virtual Self alias. Today’s sophomore album will surely do the same, but it’s almost criminal to call it a dance record. It’s an electronic record, but it’s also a pop record, and more honestly, a folk record for the internet generation. 

Nurture is soft, gentle, sweet and painfully-honest. These lyrics are daringly raw, tying the freedom of love with the cage of mortality, exploring the inherent pain of soulfulness, and the awkward dichotomy of insecurity and explosion that makes the act of creation so pure. It’s vulnerable yet powerful, but it’s never overwhelming. Even the harshest textures on these songs feel like cotton.

You should listen to all the tracks on this album, but if we have to pick one to highlight, we’re picking the album closer, because it sums up the whole experience in this beautiful truth: that the things that make us second-guess ourselves the most are usually our truest and most unique strengths; that who we are as beings is complex; and that an artist who can capture all those facets into a sweet four minutes and 40 seconds is probably the voice of a generation — or at least a piece of it — and it’s really comforting to know that he loses his voice sometimes, too. — K. Bein

Source: News | Billboard

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