The PGA Championship Will Be Held Nearby. But I’m Staying Home.

To go or not to go? That was the question. Whether to drive a few miles next month to witness world-class golf professionals compete for mammoth amounts of money. Or simply to stay put.

With some reluctance, I decided I will watch the PGA Championship tournament in Kiawah, S.C.—to begin May 17—comfortably from home, planted in front of my aging TV set.

Believe me, there were plenty of reasons to go. First, of course, there is the virus. What other sport offers socially distant strolling in the safe outdoors? Also, pleasant memories of past tournaments abound. I won’t forget visiting the storied Masters at Augusta, the best-run sporting event I’ve ever attended. Good, inexpensive sandwiches, well-mannered crowds and, best of all, little green folding chairs that only you may place wherever and only you may wander briefly from and then return to occupy. (How’s that for well-mannered?)

I recall as well years ago attending with my wife a tournament in Hartford, Conn., where we chanced upon a competitor, David Thomas, who had been her childhood neighbor in the north of England. We invited young David to our home for dinner, where he eagerly consumed good Geordie cooking, as well as a full quart of milk. The hearty meal did not bring him victory that week, but in later years he won many tournaments around the world and became a renowned golf-course architect.

So why won’t I attend the event in Kiawah, just down the road from where I live in Charleston? Well, apart from the difficulty and expense of obtaining a ticket, I have good reasons.

Source: WSJ – US News

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