The Harmonist, an Ultra Luxurious Parisian Perfume

The Harmonist is an ultra-luxury, Parisian perfume house with an ultra-privileged backstory that is helping children in Uzbekistan.

The fragrance range was founded by former UNESCO envoy and permanent delegate Lola Tillyaev. The 43-year-old mother of three is the daughter of former Uzbekistan President, Islam Karimov. She is married to a businessman, Timur Tillyaeva. They have a home in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Her perfume house is on Avenue St George, Paris.

“The Harmonist”  line, created with the celebrated nose, Guillaume Flavigny, was the first Maison de Perfume to offers fragrances attuned to personal energy and to translate the language of the fundamental elements of the ancient Chinese Feng Shui philosophy into the language of perfumery.

The Harmonist, Ultra Luxurious Parisian Perfume  The former UNESCO envoy, “well-being activist” and energetic philanthropist believes that perfume is not just an accessory but can be active in creating greater all-round well-being.   And even promote world harmony.

After graduating in Economics and Diplomacy from Tashkent State University in her home country of Uzbekistan – she also has a Psychology doctorate- she moved into philanthropy. Two years ago, she studied at the Gaia School of Chinese Medicine and Earth Education in Malibu, California.

Says  Dr. Tillykaev (“Till” to her friend): “For ten years, I acted as Uzbekistan’s ambassador to UNESCO, based in Paris. During that time, our office sought to promote the rich cultural heritage of our country’s diverse population and our ancient traditions.

Founder of The Harmonist, Ultra Luxurious Parisian Perfume“I am working to make my country’s culture accessible to a Western audience through cultural programs such as translating Uzbek classics into English and French. With this in mind, we also recently opened a gallery, La Maison de l’Ouzbekistan, in Paris. The gallery showcases exquisite handicrafts from Uzbekistan, including ceramics, silk, woodcarving and embroidery.”

Together with our foundation, “You Are Not Alone”, founded in 2002,  we are continuing to provide all-around assistance to orphaned and severely underprivileged children.  We also plan to further our project to give children with severe heart conditions access to life-saving surgery, in collaboration with French medical teams. Over the past five years, with our foundation’s support, leading French cardiac surgeons have operated on over 130 children with congenital heart conditions from low-income families and orphanages.”

Lola founded the National Center for the Social Adaptation of Children (NCSAC) in 2004 as a charitable organization to provide life-enhancing opportunities to children with disabilities, offering diagnosis, orthopedic and neurological treatment, speech therapy, and education free of charge. The charity has helped over 7,500 children aged between 1 and 18 with special needs. Promoting effective, quality education for disabled children is important area of Dr Tillyaev’s work. Her friends call her “Till”.

“The NCSAC strives to make a real, positive difference to the lives of children and to offer vital support to their families and careers, with the goal of helping disabled children attain their full potential. There is no other charity in central Asia dedicated to providing such an extensive range of services to children with special needs. At present, branches are up and running in the Ferghana and Samarkand regions. The organization works in close partnership with representative offices of UNICEF, UNESCO, UNDP, and EU.”

In 2005, she founded the Gymnastics Federation of Uzbekistan and has begun offering scholarships to young people from Central Asia to pursue their postgraduate studies in European universities. In March 2018, she became a Dame of the Royal Order of Francis I, an organization internationally recognized for its significant contribution to humanitarian initiatives, as well as its role in promoting interfaith dialogue.

“The Harmonist is committed to sponsoring philanthropic causes aimed at developing effective solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems, such as providing clean and safe drinking water in developing countries, ensuring the durability of clean water sources, increasing community awareness about water conservation and developing training materials for education.”

“The Harmonist” is based on the “Wuxing” ( five phases ). “I first heard about Feng Shui when I was in school. The idea that there is a flow of energy all around us fascinated me, especially because we have the ability to direct and harmonize this energy. All we need is knowledge, and a few simple tools.”

Feng Shui believes that the arrangement of objects, movable furniture, and color of décor can all enhance positive well-being. Lola believes aroma can too. Her scents are just as many elixirs as perfumes.

The Harmonist offers eleven scents reflecting the concept of Yin and Yang, the philosophy of balance where two opposing yet complementary and interdependent forces coexist harmoniously.

Explains Lola: “Each of us possesses all five elements within us. But we are guided by a particular element, which is informed by the date, time, and location of our birth.”

Are you therefore a Yang wood person? A Ying water woman or Ying metal type?

To manage your destiny and get the most out of the perfumes you are recommended to first undergo an online or in-shop consultation to determine what will “best bring equilibrium to important areas of your life”.

You could end up being identified as a “Yang Earth” type (like  Mark Zuckenberg) and recommended $225  Matrix Metal with its aldehydes and juniper berries. Other fragrances include “Royal Earth”, “Velvet Fire”, “Sacred Water”, “Guiding Water” “Desired Earth” (shiso and violet leaf, ambrette or musk mallow, and Peruvian Tolu balsam), “Golden Wood”, “Hypnotizing Fire”, “Magnetic Wood” (mimosa, mastic or lentisque, orris, and Guaiac wood),  the 2020 “Moon Glory “ ( Hawaiian jasmine, passionflower, orchid cactus, and Hiroki wood) and new “ Sun Force” (pomelo, saffron, Bulgarian rose, cardamom, honey, olibanum, and vetiver).

According to aromatherapy sage clears stagnant energy. Vanilla provokes creativity. Sandalwood eradicates negativity. Basil strengthens family bonds and restores good nature.  Cinnamon inspires intellectual conversation. Peppermint stimulates prosperity. Geranium is good for self-esteem. Rose aids compassion and the ability to cope with loss or emotional grief. Jasmine enhances optimism.

Adds Lola, “Combining the craft and savoir-faire of Paris with the modernism and storytelling of Los Angeles, our scents are the product of opposing forces, spiritual and sensual, dark and light, old and new. Made from ethically sourced ingredients, they seek to enlighten the wearer, revealing and enhancing who you truly are, rather than who you pretend to be.

“Harmonious people possess the ability to create a harmonious space around them and to make their loved ones and themselves happy,”

“Each ingredient is harvested by hand. Nature replenishes us. Feng Shui is a very ancient science, philosophy, and art but can easily be applied today. By choosing the right fragrance, you add an ingredient to your aura. the energy of the missing element you need for personal harmony.”

And perhaps universal détente too. Find your element, find your perfume. Find peace.

Source: Upscale Living Magazine

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