The Fashion Girl’s Guide to France in Chic Evening Style

We all have a dreamy idea of what French style encompasses. From a perfectly tied scarf to understanding which investment pieces are essentials, chic French style always appears effortless. That includes evening wear and special occasion styles too. 

On a recent trip to France with the Donna Leah Design team, we found inspiration while visiting cafes, the sites, and of course, people watching.  We took careful notes of that quintessential “Parisian Girl” style known around the world and have a few of our ideas to share with you about our interpretation of chic evening gown style.

French Style Is an Extension of Who You Are

When we think about fashionable cities, Paris is at the top of the list.  While it might look effortless, French women are known for caring a lot and that they put a lot of thought into their wardrobe.  What makes them different is that each person seems to have found their own style.  This has always been the case with Donna Leah Designs where we believe in embracing color, shine, textures, and a bit of drama.  On our trip what we saw time and time again is that special level of chic.

Donna Leah Fashion in Paris
Photo courtesy of Paige Gribb Photography

Falling in Love with Fabulous Fabrics

Creating a French-inspired wardrobe might not have hard and fast rules, but what we do know is that it is crucial to invest in high-quality fabrics.  Designer Donna Leah is truly inspired by Old Hollywood glamour and by our estimations, so is French fashion.  Think of silver screen greats like Catherine Deneuve and Françoise Hardy, showing us the way to navigate a cocktail party, New Year’s bash, and everything in between.  Donna Leah Designs searches the globe for fabrics that make a statement on their own. It’s about details and embellishments that are surprising and make a statement.  Each gown is designed to bring out those key textures and colors.

Donna Leah Fashion in Paris
Photo courtesy of Paige Gribb Photography

Dressing for Special Occasions Is About Ease

Whether sitting at a café or strolling the streets, French women feel at ease in what they are wearing. This should be the same rule to follow when wearing an evening gown or fancy party dress.  Comfort is often considered a negative word in the fashion scene, but it is truly essential for confidence. Pulling and tugging to keep straps or dresses in place looks messy and is distracting.  We love the nonchalance that is associated with the flair of a gold gown carefully constructed with fine details. 

Donna Leah Fashion in Paris
Photo courtesy of Paige Gribb Photography

Sophisticated Style is Seamless

Some women feel that they have to forgo sparkle because it’s too much or they don’t want to take the fashion risk.  It’s time to move on from the little black dress and see how iridescent works perfectly when styled well.  French women are known for understanding unique details and use accessories to mix them up.  That’s also a trademark from Donna Leah Designs.  It’s how the clothes are mixed together and the small nuances that make the difference.  And let’s face it – a stunning backdrop can also be a showstopper!

Source: Upscale Living Magazine

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