Texas authorities search for tanker truck after heartbreaking 911 calls from people claiming to be inside

“It’s heartbreaking to hear because clearly behind the caller, in the background, you can hear others in the car, in the trailer, and they’re also screaming for help in Spanish and saying that they’re out of air,” Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar told the news station.

According to a 911 call that was aired by the affiliate, a caller told dispatchers there were about 80 people in the truck.

Someone could be heard screaming for help, while another screams, “We are not going to make it.”

According to the affiliate, that was one of several 911 calls made in reference to a tanker. It’s unclear how many 911 calls were made. According to clips posted by the affiliate, a 911 call was made Monday night.

“I’d bet a lot of money that if the smugglers do encounter somebody in the back of that trailer that is either very, very ill as a result of the conditions they were exposed or even dead, they’re not going to do the right thing. They’re going to dump a body or they’re going to abandon at a hospital maybe, they’re certainly not going to do the right thing,” the sheriff said.

“So we’re letting our deputies know to be on the lookout for anything,” he added.

CNN has reached out to Bexar County Sheriff’s Office for further details.

Source: CNN – US News

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