Ted Cruz Is Furious That Biden Is Fulfilling Campaign Promises Instead Of Tweeting All Day

Ted Cruz, an internet troll posing as a U.S. Senator, appears to be furious that President Joe Biden is spending his days fulfilling campaign promises instead of making noise on Twitter and cable news.

In a tweet from his official Senate account, Cruz described the first 50+ days of the Biden administration as “boring but radical.”

“Three words to describe the first weeks of the Biden administration: boring but radical,” the absentee Texas senator said.

Cruz’s response to Biden’s “boring” presidency isn’t all that surprising, of course, given the fact that his Senate career will be most remembered for his decision to travel to Cancun while his state froze to death.

To Cruz, the grueling and painstaking work of governing a country isn’t appealing. He’s more interested in using his taxpayer-funded position to “own the libs” on social media than actually make a difference in the lives of his constituents.

Americans voted for stability and competence

Ted Cruz might not like it, but the American people voted for stability and competence last November when they turned out in record numbers to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

While Cruz defines success in terms of retweets and cable news soundbites, Biden clearly believes that the job of a president is to govern. That means working to implement policies – like the newly enacted COVID rescue plan – to help the American people.

Tackling COVID and helping the economy recover were Biden’s two main campaign commitments, and he’s already gone a long way toward fulfilling them.

Joe Biden’s competence may be boring to people like Ted Cruz, but it’s a radical and welcome departure from Donald Trump, a failed president who spent his days rage tweeting and watching cable news.

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