Suspicion Grows That Meadows Released Trump’s COVID Bombshell To Distract From The 1/6 Committee


So much news has gone down the memory hole that it’s nearly impossible to remember the controversy that swirled when Donald Trump first tested positive for COVID in late September-Early October of 2020. We knew that Trump tweeted he tested positive on October 1st at 1:00 a.m. and that by 6:00 p.m., he was in Walter Reed Medical Center. Mark Meadow’s new book reveal’s that Trump first tested positive for COVID three days prior to the first debate with Joe Biden. The debate took place on September 27th of 2020. Trump met and spoke to a lot of people, without a mask, for five to six days – knowing he had COVID.

Even at the time, it was hard to believe that the most tested and watched man in the world at the time could receive his first positive test in the middle of the night and then be exceedingly ill (much more so than first reported) by 6:00 p.m. that same day. Readers may or may not recall wondering whether Trump put people at risk at the Amy Cony-Barrett announcement, the first debate on September 27th (Trump was never tested, Biden was, they went on the honor system.  Questions arose as to whether he put Gold Star families at risk.

Politico Playbook co-author and CNN contributor Rachel Bade discussed the matter this morning on CNN (Video Below) but appropriately focused just as much upon why the bombshell is coming out today. There is extremely reasonable speculation that the bigger picture might reveal an even more serious agenda. This news may be breaking today to keep Trump and the public’s attention off Meadow’s far more important announcement yesterday, when he announced that he was cooperating with the January 6th committee, at least to a limited extent, he wasn’t risking a felony charge.

Bade discussed the implications of the revelation regarding the positive test as well as the big picture:

“Look, there are going to be a lot of questions about intentional deception here. The White House was very, obviously, desperate to make it look like Trump didn’t have Covid.”

Bade noted just how reckless the White House acted at the time due to their agenda:

“They were willing to do anything to keep him on the trail. So putting the lives of Gold Star Families and the future president on the line there was something he was clearly willing to risk.”

Bade then added, with almost ridiculous naivety, that she wondered what kind of accountability we might see come out of the fact that Trump lied to and exposed so many people to active COVID. We haven’t seen accountability for January 6th, pardoning his friends, or calling election officials. We have seen nothing to indicate that Trump will be held accountable even though the Trump team flat lied about testing negative – on the “honor system” – before the debate. (Biden submitted his results)

Bade then got around to the bigger and far more relevant question:

“Just yesterday we learned that Mark Meadows was going to be cooperating slightly with the Jan. 6 committee, which was not exactly a headline he wanted… This is something that won’t play well with Trump. Part of me wonders, did this come out today specifically to try to sort of cake over that storyline… “


One has two choices, believe that the two shocking revelations came out within the same 24-hour news cycle just totally by accident, or Meadow’s team intentionally released the shinier, flashy bass bait about COVID in the hope that everyone forgets that it was announced yesterday that Meadows would cooperate with the January 6th committee.

But this is where the interplay between the two may actually be informative. Yesterday, when Meadows announced that he would be cooperating, he said he would talk to the committee without broaching executive privilege.  The caveat made the announcement near useless. Meadows could sit for a deposition and refuse to answer anything which might even touch upon Trump, or what happened due to Trump’s decisions. In the alternative, Meadows could talk about nearly everything, perhaps hoping for an immunity deal down the road, given that President Biden has waived executive privilege in the matter and has released the documentation requested. (Currently held up in court).

If Meadows was essentially stalling and planned on claiming executive privilege to ninety-five percent of the questions asked, he could easily have called Trump and said; “You are going to hear this announcement, but don’t worry, I’m going to claim executive privilege when they ask me to spell my name, I’m just trying to buy time.” But if Meadows is desperate to cover the fact that he agreed to testify, it might well mean that he hasn’t told Trump anything, precisely because he doesn’t plan on making broad claims of executive privilege and instead, plans to reveal all or nearly all that he knows.

For now, all we know is that Trump knowingly and willingly lied to the public, Gold Star families, Amy Coney-Barrett, and Joe Biden, putting countless people at risk of COVID prior to the vaccinations. We also suspect it is highly likely that Meadows hasn’t had a discussion with Trump about the limits he has placed upon his deposition, scheduled for next week.

We also know that everyone best watch this situation closely.



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