Supreme Court Rocked As Thousands March To Their Steps Demanding Abortion Justice

Not only does the Supreme Court have a record low approval rating, but thousands marched to their steps today.


NBC News reported, “There are thousands of people behind me right now. They are marching down Pennsylvania Avenue to the supreme court, and that is intentional. They’re hoping to send a message to the justices when they reconvene for a new term on Monday that they are here and they are allowed and that they want to see the justices protect abortion rights.”

There are 650 marches happening across America on Saturday for abortion justice. In contrast, the pro-Trump forces could only muster a few hundred people to attend in support of their rally for domestic terrorists.

This is what the will of the people looks like:

People are demanding freedom and justice. There is no greater liberty than the right to determine what happens to your own body.

The Supreme Court has a record low approval rating of 40%. The conservative justices have gone on a PR campaign to claim that they are not partisan. 

Real America is in DC today, and they are demanding abortion justice.


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