Super Bowl jersey stat has Buccaneers vs. Chiefs showdown at new level

Super Bowl jersey stat has Buccaneers vs. Chiefs showdown at new level

The Buccaneers deciding to wear white jerseys in this year’s Super Bowl could give them the edge over the Chiefs.

This year’s Super Bowl is about as evenly matched as they come with the impending showdown between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs.

Each team will be looking for any edge so let’s get superstitious for a second. The Bucs opted to wear white jerseys and it appears history is on their side, unless the Chiefs can fight back against such a trend for a second straight year.

Bucs wearing white against Chiefs

Tom Brady is no stranger to winning a Super Bowl in a white jersey. However, he is not undefeated in the color. The Chiefs were also able to wear red and take down the San Francisco 49ers in last year’s Super Bowl, so this trend has a recent team fighting back against it.

Fans should also remember these two teams met up in Week 12 in Tampa, where the Super Bowl is being played. The Chiefs went home victorious while wearing white jerseys.

But what about the last time the Bucs were in and won the Super Bowl? That came back during the 2002 season against the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders wore white in that one and got blown out.

So each time the Bucs and Chiefs last won a Super Bowl the opposing team was wearing white. Now we have the legendary Brady in white against Mahomes and a Chiefs team that will wear red as the defending champions.

Who knows what to believe when it comes to trends such as this one? Are we simply talking coincidence? There are so many factors in this game and the biggest one for the Chiefs to overcome may be that they must end Brady’s dominance once and for all.

Source: FanSided

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