Strictly Discs in Wisconsin, in a Pandemic: ‘The End Might Be in Sight’

What’s changed for you since the last time we spoke?

Well, I’ve taken to calling it like six degrees of vaccination, as far as knowing people who have gotten one or two doses. And the news on [the late May] availability of vaccines for anybody who wants it I think has been a real game changer for most of us here at the shop this week.

Who’s able to get a vaccine in Wisconsin at this point?

Everybody that’s 65 and older. And then they moved it down to some frontline workers, [including] some grocery workers. Certainly pharmacy and health care workers qualify. The thing that’s different in Wisconsin, even from some of our neighboring states, is in how they’ve set up who qualifies. Some folks under 65 with preexisting conditions have not yet become eligible. So there’s some head scratch[ing] on that, but they have to come up with some sort of guidelines. And they’ve just started vaccinating teachers in a concerted large scale effort, so that’s also great.

Do you have any clarity on when you might be able to get the vaccine?

I don’t. Technically, I believe we fall into the category of 1C, and they’re vaccinating 1B right now. But then you hear…for example, a longtime customer who is retired military, the VA hospital had extra vaccines. So even though he’s not over 65, they called him, he went in yesterday and got a dose. So there’s lots of situations like that where, you know, a pharmacy may have some extra doses at the end of the day so they offer it up to customers or acquaintances or other people rather than wasting it. So I think it’s a little bit all over the place.

Source: News | Billboard

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