Steph Curry tried to dunk and failed miserably, but he gets an A for effort

Steph Curry looked like he had an easy to points but he failed horribly when he tried to go for the dunk, even goaltending himself. 

Warriors superstar guard Steph Curry is one of the premier scores in NBA history, particularly as it pertains to 3-point shooting. We probably aren’t going to see him in the dunk contest anytime soon, though.

On Tuesday night in the season-opener against the Lakers, Curry had an open lane to get to the rim and he took it. The Warriors star then tried to rise up and throw it down.

Things did not go as planned.

Steph Curry failing so badly on a dunk is an endorsement for lay-ups everywhere

It’s one thing to miss a dunk — it’s another thing entirely to go up for an open dunk and then just not have the hops to get high enough, so much so that it gets called for goaltending and the team doesn’t even get the two points.

Hats off to Steph Curry for trying to make the highlight reel; it was a valiant attempt at a dunk.

Next time, though, maybe just take the lay-up and put two points on the board. It seems pretty obvious that the above-the-rim game might not exactly be the strong suit of the Warriors guard.

This was just part of a bad night for Curry overall, as well. Though he had seven assists and seven rebounds midway through the third quarter, he had just 11 points on 3-of-13 shooting. And again, one of those missed attempts was one of the worst dunk attempts you’re going to see this season.

If nothing else, way to set the bar high in that regard.

Source: FanSided

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