Steph Curry Shouldn’t Be The 2021 NBA MVP

Steph Curry MVP

Steph Curry Shouldn’t Be The 2021 NBA MVP | Sports Takes & News |

At the start of last week, Golden State was the eighth seed in the Western Conference. By the end of the week, after two losses in the NBA’s Play-In Tournament, the Warriors were on the outside looking in of the playoffs, leaving Stephen Curry and his teammate to wonder what happened. This, to me, proves why Steph Curry cannot and should not be the NBA MVP this season.

For all the magic Steph Curry can do on the court with the ball in his hands, one thing is pretty clear, he is a scorer first, and not much else after that. He is never able to guard star players on the other team, and even when he is scoring at an outrageous pace, his team is often involved in close games, many of which the Golden State Warriors lose.

Steph Curry is part of an offensive system that his team uses, and he’s perfect for it, because he has been given permission to take shots most players would be benched for attempting while also knowing that being on a cold streak won’t land him on the bench. However, he cannot play a dual role in his team’s success. Thus, making him a dynamic, yet one-dimensional player who may help you win with the ball in his hands, but is unable to prevent losses when he’s at the opposite end of the floor.

Many members of the media were outwardly rooting for Steph Curry and the Warriors to win last week, even if it was just one game to secure their spot in the NBA Playoffs and to justify their calls for the shooting guard to win another MVP trophy. Yet, despite all that cheering from the press box, Curry was sent packing, and the Warriors failed to earn a playoff berth this season.

Those who vote on sports awards are often like many of us as fans, watching and being in awe of highlights and stats that often inflate a player’s achievements and sadly, their value to a team’s success. For Steph Curry, who has been without other offensive stars, like Klay Thompson, for the last two years, his value, or lack thereof, has been revealed to be nothing more than as a scorer, not an all-around superstar player. This leaves people like me wondering how much “value” he has if the best he could do was lead his team to fighting for the eighth spot over a 72-game regular season, and with two chances to earn his way into the postseason, came up short.

So many people enjoy the game of going back and redrafting players from previous years based upon their early performance in the league they play in. I wonder if, in moments of honesty, the people who have voted for Steph Curry as an MVP in recent years would be willing to face the same scrutiny. Because for me it is clear that many in the media were swept up by the “revolution” being created by the Golden State Warriors “take a three pointer at all costs” approach to offense and lost the value of playing as a team. It was that method, and not the overhyped shooting of Stephen Curry that propelled the Warriors to three victories in five straight NBA Finals appearances.

Perhaps just as California has recalled its governor, the NBA could hold a recall vote on some recent MVP voting, since many of “valuable players” haven’t done much in the playoffs, which is the only place “value” is measured.

At least Steph Curry does have a few rings to show off, otherwise he would be the Mike Trout of Basketball, a player with lots of trophies and not much else. However, if you ask me, the truth has been revealed, and #30 for the Warriors is an MVP of the “Hype and Highlight Reels,” and nothing but a one-dimensional player on the court who, on his own, doesn’t do much to help his team win. Sorry Mr. Curry, but you are not my MVP in this or any other season. 


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Steph Curry Shouldn’t Be The 2021 NBA MVP |

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