‘SNL’: Kid Cudi Pays Tribute to Kurt Cobain

Kid Cudi paid tribute to late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain during his “Saturday Night Live” performances, rocking a fuzzy green cardigan and floral dress in true “Come As You Are” spirit.

Cudi first performed his song “Tequila Shots” and donned a green cardigan reminiscent of the one Cobain wore during Nirvana’s famous 1993 MTV Unplugged show. Cudi also paid homage to “SNL” legend Chris Farley in the look, sporting a t-shirt featuring the late comedian, who died of a drug overdose at age 33 in 1997. Cudi later posted on Twitter that the cardigan was from elusive streetwear brand Cactus Plant Flea Market.

The tribute continued in his second performance, which featured the song “Sad People.” Cudi rocked an Off-White floral dress custom made by Virgil Abloh, causing many fans to draw comparisons to a similarly-patterned dress Cobain was famously photographed in. Furthermore, this week marked the 27th anniversary of Cobain’s death in 1994, making Cudi’s outfits seem even less like coincidence.

On Sunday morning, Cudi confirmed that both of his outfits were in reference to Cobain when he thanked Abloh and retweeted several fan posts about the tribute.

“Virgil designed the dress for me,” Cudi wrote on Twitter. “I told him I wanted to show love to Kurt w a floral print sundress and this man made a masterpiece. Thank You @virgilabloh ur a fuckin genius!! Love you man we did it!!!”

“Kid Cudi pulling the ultimate Kurt Cobain tribute on #SNL on the week of [his] death,” reads one of the retweets. “@KidCudi all about love and suicide prevention and awareness!!!”

Cudi also tweeted that he has a collection coming out with Off-White, which will include the dress he wore on “SNL.” Cudi wrote: “I’m doin a collection w Off White and the dress will be included!!”

Cudi has been open about the affect Cobain has had on his life and music, and even got a tattoo of Cobain last year. Many of Cudi’s songs revolve around themes of depression, including “Sad People,” which he performed while wearing the floral dress. “Close call, life on the edge/ Ahh, when the time comes, I’ll find peace/ It’s in the search of nights, I’m sittin’ wishin’/ I can find love in me,” Cudi sings on the track.

However, not everyone was enthusiastic about the tribute. Former lead singer of Semi Precious Weapons and songwriter Justin Tranter tweeted that a member of Cudi’s team allegedly used a derogatory word in reference to Tranter wearing a “gender non conforming” look on tour in 2009. In a follow-up tweet, Tranter clarified that he’s “so happy to see progress and he looks gorgeous,” and said that the team member who allegedly used the derogatory word was no longer allowed in any of the venues.

Source: Music – Rolling Stone

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