Skip Bayless has predictably awful take on Jalen Suggs’ buzzer-beater

Everyone loved the ending to the Gonzaga-UCLA game, except Bruins fans, and Skip Bayless who had an incredible pathetic take to the thrilling buzzer-beater by Jalen Suggs.

Leave it to Skip Bayless to take the joy out of any shining moment, including what took place during Gonzaga’s 93-90 victory over UCLA in the Final Four.

On the final shot by Jalen Suggs that propelled the Bulldogs into the national championship against the Baylor Bears, countless people were overjoyed, except Bayless, who referred to the shot as “lucky” and the game as not one of the all-time great games.

How could anyone watch what just happened and come away with that conclusion?

Leave it to Bayless to be the contrarian. The joyless FS1 host must be miserable.

For those who are wondering what shot or need a reminder, have a look below:

Sorry Skip Bayless, but that shot was not lucky; it was legendary.

It may be a case of sour grapes for Bayless, who has picked against Gonzaga for much of the year, but not for those who truly enjoyed the game and how it turned into a classic instead of a blowout that was initially thought to occur. The 11-seed Bruins entered the NCAA Tournament as a First-Four team and made it to the Final Four, a feat that only the 2011 VCU Rams accomplished.

Additionally, the Bruins gave Gonzaga a real test that will force them to rethink their strategy on Monday Night against the Bears if they want to finish 32-0. The Bulldogs looked off their mark and had to claw their way towards victory. Outside of UCLA, only the BYU Cougars were able to give the Bulldogs a threat towards perfection.

Gonzaga is set to face Baylor on Monday Night for the National Championship. Skip Bayless will likely be watching, and it will be interesting to see how he responds to that game or just dismiss it as he did for this one.

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