Sinatra in Palm Springs: The Place He Called Home

Sinatra's Home Palm SpringsThe Chairman of the Board aka Frank Sinatra put Palm Springs on the map in the late 1940s and is the place he called home up until his passing in 1998. Frank had homes in Manhattan, Beverly Hills, even Las Vegas speaking to anyone close to Frank and they will tell you that his heart was always in Palm Springs. Palm Springs became the playground for the rich and famous where the stars and their friends could be themselves without having to deal with the hordes of tourists that you commonly find in NY or LA.

The documentary Sinatra in Palm Springs: The Place He Called Home explores in depth the place, the land, the restaurants, bars, residents, Country Clubs he frequented, and the friends he made there.

Frank loved the architects of this desert oasis and their ability to create homes that took full advantage of the views, he loaned out his first house in Palm Springs to several movie studios even when he was not featured in the film. Frank built his second home Rancho Mirage (on Frank Sinatra Way) next to a golf course owned by the Marx Brothers and specifically picked that spot as the other Country Clubs in the area had membership restrictions. He even partnered up with the Marx Brothers and they built their own Country Club that was open for anyone to join.

Even though Palm Springs has evolved and changed over the years since the days of Sinatra many of the places he frequented are still there and run by the same families and people share wonderfully rich stories and a portrait of a man who was kind, funny, and incredibly generous. This film is so much better than reading a book about Frank and his life there you get to hear from many of his friends and acquaintances who describe a man that not many people knew, the real Frank. He was kind, generous, supportive, and even humble but if you ever crossed him there would be hell to pay.

Viewers get a ringside seat into the life of the man and the Legend that was Old Blue Eyes, you will come away with a different understanding of who Frank was behind the glaring spotlight of his fame.

Having been to Palm Springs numerous times and watching this movie I found myself wishing I could be sipping a Martini at one of the local watering holes and the man himself slides up to the bar and start chatting with the bartender, just like any regular would do. What a rush that would have been!

Frank Sinatra in Palm Springs is a fun ride and well worth your time. Airing on the fabulous Netflix, check it out you won’t be disappointed.



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