Should The Warriors Seek Advice From Draymond Green?

Should The Warriors Seek Advice From Draymond Green? | Sports Takes & News |

Saying “that’s just the way it’s gotta be,” Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green said Friday night he expected to be “extremely involved” in the team’s offseason decision making. The Warriors were eliminated from playoff contention with two losses during the NBA’s play-in tournament last week, with Green now apparently ready to offer his services as assistant general manager to a franchise who has missed the playoffs in each of the last two years. Should Golden State seek out Green’s advice, or is he just another athlete overestimating his value to his team?

Draymond Green is a player who has a high basketball IQ, yet for the past two years without the help of Klay Thompson, what was once a dynasty in the Bay Area has become a rebuilding project. The Warriors, after reaching the NBA Finals in five straight years have missed making the Western Conference playoffs in each of the last two seasons. Now, with their stars getting older, the franchise is at a crossroads; but don’t worry Warriors fans, because Green is there to help guide the team this offseason. 

In his postgame comments Friday night, Draymond Green pointed out the success of the Golden State Warriors was always a group effort between the players, coaches, and everyone in the team’s front office. Green, who is one of the most outspoken players in the NBA, is never one to hold back his opinion when asked, which is why asking him about his involvement with the team’s offseason decision making process was picking low hanging fruit for the media. With that said, the question he was posed Friday only comes after a team had a disappointing season; because when a front office puts together a championship winning roster, they are amazing, but when they don’t, somehow they need the advice of their players.

For Draymond Green I would simply ask this: What do you expect to talk about this offseason?

The NBA knows the type of player you are, the type Stephen Curry is, and what to expect when Klay Thompson returns from injury. The Golden State Warriors are not going to change who they are on the court unless they begin to change the players wearing their uniforms.

Honestly, what will these highly anticipated conversations even be like?  “Steph, you need to score more, Klay we need you back to play good defense and provide added scoring, and Draymond you need to get more rebounds.”

At this point it is not about talk, it’s about action for the Golden State Warriors because, simply put, the NBA has caught up to them by adjusting to them and their style of play. Now they need to readjust or continue to fall behind in the competitive Western Conference.

Draymond Green will be 31 next season and on the second year of a four-year contract with the Warriors, which means he probably feels like he has a partnership with the front office and the coaching staff. Sadly, however, as many players who feel that way, he doesn’t, or at least he shouldn’t.

Golden State is at a critical point in their franchise’s history now, because they are trying to build another title contender with players in their 30’s who have their roles but are not likely to get any better as they get older. This means an infusion of younger talented players is required while also dealing with the mega contracts already on the books, and in a league with a salary cap, to say Golden State’s options are limited would be an understatement.

Perhaps because Draymond Green doesn’t want to be traded as part of the team’s rebuilding, or because he feels like his voice should be heard, but either way, Golden State is going to get plenty of advice from their forward this summer. How much they want or should listen to him is up to them, however, there are not too many franchises who have won titles by listening to their players. So as smart as I believe Green is, listening to him could lead to disastrous results … but not for the team, for the player, since whatever goes wrong will be blamed on him, not the true decision makers.

Green needs to let those paid to make tough choices do just that, otherwise he will be held accountable for what could go wrong. And for a team that needs an upgrade in talent, telling other players around the league you will only come here with my stamp of approval is never something any player wants on their shoulders, because one day other players may judge you too, and they will remember what you said or thought about them, and make sure their locker room is closed to you. 


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Should The Warriors Seek Advice From Draymond Green? |

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