Should The Texans Let Deshaun Watson Sit Out The Season?

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Should The Texans Let Deshaun Watson Sit Out The Season? | Sports Takes & News |

The ongoing battle between the Houston Texans and Deshaun Watson has reached an interesting crossroads last week when it was reported the quarterback may be willing to sit out the 2021 season if he’s not traded by the team. Watson, who would be entering the first year of a four-year contract extension signed last summer, has been looking to be traded by the Texans, yet the team appearing to be disinterested in honoring that demand. If the franchise is committed to keeping Deshaun Watson, then they should do exactly what they want to do, nothing, and force their quarterback who is under contract to sit out training camp and miss games, if not the entire season. That’s because it’s time for the NFL to stop becoming the NBA and make players honor their contracts.

I don’t really know when this started, however, for a long time now, athletes have felt that they can sign contracts just to disregard them when the time came that it was no longer convenient to do so. This issue is being compounded by the fact that Deshaun Watson just had the chance to get closer to free agency by not signing his extension last summer, but chose to do so just to turn around and demand a trade this offseason. All of this is built around the fact that he wasn’t consulted by ownership in ways he felt he should have been over who the team’s next head coach and general manager were going to be. It’s this power hunger mentality that has quarterbacks like Watson leading the NFL in passing yards while the team is 4-12 and going nowhere fast. Is there any meaning left when a player signs a contract and takes someone’s money in the form of a signing bonus? Should Deshaun Watson and players like him be expected to honor that contract? I say yes.

NFL players have long been upset about their contracts not being guaranteed and how after a bad season or two, teams can cut them loose and not pay them the money they agreed to previously. However, I didn’t see anyone from the Houston Texans say that because the team fired their head coach and general manager, Deshaun Watson also needed to give money back last season due to their poor performance on the field. Yet, now that the team wants to rebuild around him, Watson is taking his football home and demanding a trade because his feelings have been hurt.

If I am the owner of the Texans, I would say, OK, go ahead Mr. Watson, stay home, we will keep your money and you go and go about doing what you are doing this offseason, which is nothing. Because for the next four years you’re my employee, and only I can trade you no matter what you think you can demand.

I truly hope that the Houston Texans draw a line in the sand here and don’t let Deshaun Watson dishonor his contract by demanding a trade while the ink on his extension is still wet. The team doesn’t need to trade their franchise quarterback just because he is having a tempter tantrum, nor does Deshaun Watson need to take the field for a team he doesn’t want to; but that same team doesn’t have to pay him or trade him either. That’s the great thing about contracts, they work in two directions, something Watson needs to understand.

As Deshaun Watson continues to destroy his trade value by letting these kinds of stories reach the media, he needs to understand that he may have some leverage, but not all of it. I promise you that many of those same NFL teams looking to cherry pick Watson off of the Texans roster would be horrified if their quarterback did what Watson is doing now to the Texans, with other teams rooting for Houston to stand their ground.

I said stand fast and let Watson run out of options during training camp, and when he misses that first paycheck in September, he will understand the meaning of leverage, and what it looks like not to have it in your possession. Then, and only then, will Deshaun Watson not care about who is coaching him and have a little bit more respect for the person paying him. 


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Should The Texans Let Deshaun Watson Sit Out The Season? |

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