Should The NFL And NFL Films Separate?

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Should The NFL And NFL Films Separate? | Sports Takes & News |

The Super Bowl is one of the events in which the cameras of NFL Films covers everything from start to finish, with eyes seeing every play and every moment. This year, however, those cameras and microphones also picked up a verbal battle between two of the game’s best-known players. Yet, the NFL-owned media company is refusing to release the audio of that verbal battle, proving that the time has come for the NFL to sell NFL Films once and for all.

NFL Films is as big a part of the sports world as any media company in the world; acquiring more game footage than any other event in the 20th century, except for World War II. NFL Films covered the Super Bowl, and their camera and microphones captured a heated exchange between Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady and Kansas City defensive back Tyrann Mathieu.  The interaction between the two players caused a penalty to be called against Mathieu and prompted him to tweet after the game: “(Brady) called me something I won’t repeat but yeah I’ll let all the media throw me under the bus as if I did something or said something to him.”  The tweet was deleted by Mathieu shortly after it was posted. 

The NFL owns NFL Films, and it was announced this week that the footage they have of the Brady/Mathieu exchange, including the audio, will not be made public … a decision that to many begs the question, WHY??? 

Not only did this verbal battle draw a flag during the game, but provoked one of the two people involve to hint that the other crossed a line that is not otherwise done during NFL games. The fact that the person who may have overstepped the boundaries is Tom Brady has me wondering if there’s a coverup taking place to make sure the player and the league does not deal with weeks of bad press. This is why NFL Films should be a company that works for the league, yet isn’t owned by league or need to answer to them regarding what its cameras see, its microphones hear, and what it chooses to share with the football consuming public.

This is a bad look for the NFL … which is what makes me think that what is contained in the game footage is ugly, since they are willing withhold it from the public. I would admit, however, that if any two players had the same interaction Brady and Mathieu did, the league would be reacting the same way; furthermore, if there was any knowledge of a racial slur being used (Michael Irvin has recently shot this possibility down after hearing the audio), it would have been made public by someone else on the field. 

Nevertheless, someone is covering up what was said, which is never a good thing for fans or a good sign of what happened. Perhaps this is exactly the type of thing the NFL is able to prevent by owning NFL Films; however, as a media company, they are burying a news story that many of us would find interesting. Sadly, it will probably take an unnamed source to leak what was said, with the NFL media able to dismiss it as hearsay and ignore something that a five-time Super Bowl MVP might have done wrong.  If you are going to allow that, NFL, then have NFL films pull all their mics off the field, because if they are not going to give us full access, they are not truly giving us any access at all. 


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Should The NFL And NFL Films Separate? |

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