Should The New York Jets Keep Or Trade Sam Darnold?

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Should The New York Jets Keep Or Trade Sam Darnold? | Sports Takes & News |

As the quarterback carousel continues to spin this offseason, the New York Jets are reportedly receiving trade offers for their quarterback, Sam Darnold. This development begs the question on if the New York Jets should keep or trade Sam Darnold this offseason.

Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh, the general manager and new head coach of the New York Jets are probably slow playing their hand regarding Sam Darnold. They have provided a luke-warm endorsement of their current quarterback while admitting that every option is on the table this offseason, including trading the player that neither was involved in drafting or working with. At least in the first month of this offseason, the team’s front office seems content to listen to offers and assess their options, and with the second overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft, in what should have several good quarterbacks available to them as well as some cap space to add players, the franchise can build around Darnold, or trade him and rebuild their roster.

As a Jets fan, it was admittedly difficult for me to watch the regression of Sam Darnold in 2020. Granted he did suffer a shoulder injury that not only took away four games from his development, but clearly affected his play when he returned. The bigger issue, however, was the two years Darnold spent under head coach Adam Gase, two seasons that I think may take some time to get over for both the quarterback and the entire franchise. Many feel that a change of scenery is the only way that Darnold can recover from being “Gased;” but I think that Douglas and Saleh are trying to assess if having a new head coach and system to look forward to this season will be enough to set Darnold back on the path to success.

I can make the case for keeping and trading Sam Darnold; but as I begin to read the news stories about teams calling about his trade availability, I can’t help but believe that if other teams think he is still worthy of another shot, the New York Jets should feel the same way too. It is often said that when a team is willing to let a player leave for free agency that their new team should be worried, because they know better than anyone what’s wrong with that player, and they know how much he is truly able to help a team win.

Perhaps that is part of the game that the New York Jets are playing here by making it appear as if they really don’t want to part with Sam Darnold. Or perhaps they know that he will someday become a good player, but want to keep their options open since Darnold might just fetch them a nice haul that they can use to build around another quarterback from the draft. Either way, if teams are calling about Sam Darnold, the New York Jets need to be very careful before making a trading involving him; because if they are wrong, or even if Darnold grows into a winning quarterback with another team, Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh will look bad from a talent evaluation perspective unless the moves they make pan out well and the Jets win big.

Assuming the rumors are true, the New York Jets need to consider carefully what they do this offseason, and if there are a lot of teams calling for Darnold, then that would make me think he should be kept on the team, not traded. That is, of course the option that puts the most pressure on the front office and coaching staff, which is why it may not be in their best interest to exercise it, which is another factor involved in this complex and important offseason.

My gut is telling me they will field offers and get the best deal they can for Sam Darnold, thus buying time for the fans as the New York Jets, once again, rebuild with a new quarterback. I, for one, would be worried about making that kind of move if a half dozen teams think my quarterback is good enough for their team, because I would be forced to ask myself, “What am I missing here?” 


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Should The New York Jets Keep Or Trade Sam Darnold? |

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